"I just want to send you a compliment for G. She has been an absolute godsend today .  Unfortunately, one of our service users had a fall which meant that we had to provide support whilst the service user went to hospital. G was fantastic and ensured that all of the other service users in the home were well supported and cared for. I cannot thank her enough for her assistance to me personally which allowed me to deal with the mass of paperwork following such an incident.  Today, she has been a real credit to your support team."
"Nothing ever seemed like too much for any of you.  Thank you for taking A out and about wherever he wanted to go. It was a tremendous responsibility & a lot of hard work but you always gave your best. I am sure he will be sorely missed by you all as he is by us."
“I would like to thank you for all of the support and care you have provided. The Newcross team have been instrumental in planning and implementing a care home move and with the carers’ encouragement and dedication, many goals have been achieved. Newcross has displayed a very professional and caring approach to support a very entrenched gentleman.”
“Thank you for providing such a caring service to my mum.  If needed, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Newcross in the future and I would definitely recommend Newcross to my friends. “


"Thank you Bristol Team!!!!You're very nice, very cooperative & understanding :) I do appreciate the effort to help us out and that you are trying to improve the standards. I appreciate as well that some of you think outside the box and appreciate honesty. You made me feel better today and understood my needs and expectations. Keep up the good work guys!!!"


"I started working with Newcross two years ago, it's best thing I've done in my 30 years as a nurse.  Love flexibility, variation in the care homes I go to, meeting lovely people along the way. I have regular homes and they see me as part of their team. There is a few things I miss not having a permanent position but lots more I don't. I work out of the Falkirk branch office staff are really good, helpful and friendly #lovemyjob"


"I've been with Newcross for 8 weeks and absolutely love it. My shifts now fit around my kids and life. Never been let down with shifts whatever I put on my availability gets filled with clients :)"


"I would just like to say that I started 2 weeks ago with Liverpool branch and I have been impressed with them and the fact there is plenty of work when you want it, I'm finding myself working more not less!  So far so good , glad I chose Newcross!"