The Newcross Philosophy of Care

Our Philosophy of Care is the foundation of all that we do, ensuring that everyone understands our vision and our common aim of delivering exceptional quality care and support to our clients.

For our patients and service users

  • To provide them with the highest standards of care
  • To enhance their quality of life and maximise their potential
  • To preserve their dignity and self-respect, which includes taking into account their cultural, social and religious needs
  • To recognise that the right to privacy includes the right to respect the confidential nature of information relating to the individual and family and friends
  • To be available to attend to our clients’ needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a free telephone number.

For our clients and partners

  • To actively participate with the care teams of the organisations we work with, promoting the ethos and standards of the organisation and ensuring continuity of care and support to the individual
  • To work in a collaborative and co-operative manner with all health professionals, community, social and other care workers involved in the provision of care; recognising and respecting their contribution to the team.


"Throughout our journey we’ve developed the skills and experience to set the standard for the provision of first class care. Our Philosophy of Care leads to an approach that is holistic, transparent and person-centred. It is essential that every Newcross employee understands how they fit in and how they can make a difference to the lives of those receiving care, their family and their friends."

Michelle Gorringe MD (RN)