Coming home from hospital

Recuperating at home after a hospital stay is vital for your wellbeing, and with Newcross, you can tailor your care at home package to suit your needs. We can also anticipate any increase in your care or any specialist skills you may need your care team to have in the future, so your care package can evolve with you.

Whether you need full 24-hour support from a team of nurses and healthcare assistants, or just a few drop-in visits every day to assist with your personal needs, we can accommodate you. We don't offer 15-minute visits because we don't feel that short amount of time can allow a carer to deliver the high standard of care we pride ourselves on.

Some of the types of care we can offer include:

  • personal care and using the bathroom
  • ensuring medication is taken on time
  • post-operative wound care
  • skin care to the reduce the risk of skin damage
  • promoting mobility including assistance with mobility aids.

 Find out how we can help you following your hospital stay by contacting us here.