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Personal Health Budgets

If you have been assessed as needing care services, you may have the option to receive your funding as part of a personal health budget. 

Personal Health budgets (PHB) were introduced in October 2014 for adults receiving NHS continuing healthcare, and children receiving continuing care. They aim to give people who require long-term health care support, more control and choice over how they receive their care and who provides it.

What is a personal health budget?

A personal health budget is an amount of money granted to an individual to support their healthcare and wellbeing needs. They are arranged through local NHS teams and local authorities, they will plan and agree a PHB with the individual receiving it, or their representative.

How does it work?

A PHB is based around a care and support plan, which identifies health and wellbeing goals. This plan will be developed by the individual receiving funding, in collaboration with the local NHS team or local authority team to set out how the budget will be spent to fulfil these goals. The budget can be managed in a number of ways:

  • By a trust or third party organisation who will buy the appropriate care and support once agreed with the individual 
  • By the individual who can receive the PHB as direct payments.

Where can I find out more information?

If you would like further information about personal health budgets, it’s best to contact your local NHS team who help you most often with your care, e.g. your GP or care manager. For more information about funding care please visit:


How can Newcross help?

Whether your care is paid for by private funding or public funds either commissioned on your behalf or directly by you. We can deliver a high quality personalised care package, tailored to your individual needs that will enrich and support daily living.