Newcross Team Pledge

Every single member of the Newcross team understands how they contribute to the first class service we are committed to providing. 

The Newcross Team Pledge consists of 10 statements that every staff member in the business signs up to when they join Newcross. It allows everyone to clearly understand the level of service we expect them to deliver to our clients.

1. I pledge to deliver quality and excellence in all that I do

2. I will do my best to 'exceed' customer expectations by delivering excellence

3. I will always carry out my role with honesty and integrity

4. I will listen and treat everyone equally with dignity and respect

5. I will work ethically and follow our industry's code of conduct

6. I will seek out opportunities to improve my skills and develop my potential

7. I will find solutions and overcome problems as they arise

8. I will radiate positivity and be helpful to all who need me

9. I will strive to find happiness and enjoyment in all areas of my work

10. I will uphold the company values and be proud to work for Newcross.