Newcross Recruitment Standards

"We hire the best of the best"

Working with Newcross gives you peace of mind. Our robust recruitment standards ensure we only employ people who have a compassionate approach and genuinely care for the well-being of our clients. Whether as a trainee or a skilled individual, it's of the utmost importance to us that the person in our care receives the best possible service.

Newcross applicants are considered for their aptitude and suitability through a six-stage process, which mean for those successful individuals, they can be proud to say they are part of Newcross.

Just half of all applications pass initial screening

When we receive an application for a role, we assess the merits of the individual, their qualifications, their experience but also their desire to provide high quality care. Through personal contact with each applicant, we will either accept or reject the application at this initial screening.

Face to face interview in branch

An in-depth face to face interview with either the Business Centre Manager or Team Leader is the next stage in the process. This is the applicant's opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and passion for care, and crucially a chance for us to assess if the individual is the right fit for Newcross. Registered Nurses are taken through a skills check list by a Nurse Recruiter, or the Business Centre Manager themselves if they are a qualified nurse.

Referencing and background checks ensure compliance

Every Newcross staff member must pass an enhanced criminal record check and a thorough referencing of the past 3 years of their work history  and / or studying. This includes those staff members who re-join Newcross (which happens a lot), who have to submit new reference details for their period of absence. 

It's at this point we also check that every employee has a valid moving and handling certificate, and if not we book them in to complete this training. 

Pre-work training

By the time we invite someone to join the Newcross team, they have been thoroughly vetted, but also crucially, trained in how to deliver the Newcross service. Everyone completes the Newcross induction programme before working their first shift, and in the instances where they will be working with a client who has complex needs, they will also be given a full introduction to that client and their care plan by the existing staff members and Clinical Assessor.

Our commitment to providing excellence in every aspect of our service underpins our rigorous recruitment process. Just one in eight applicants makes it through to wear the Newcross uniform, so you can be sure that individual is going to provide the Newcross standard of service you expect.

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