Digital pens or 'digipens' for short, are pens that all of our Care at Home staff members use to make care notes when in a client's home. They allow us to give you instant access to care notes through our online client extranet system.

How it works

The pen activates when the nib is depressed and a small lens captures every stroke of the handwriting, which is written on 'digital paper' printed specifically for each client.

As notes are written, the pen records the handwriting and saves it in its internal memory. The data is then encrypted until it is downloaded, decoded and stored securely in our client's online area.

What this means for you:

  • With permission, you have instant access to view care notes through our client's online account
  • You can view every care note written within 24 hours of a visit
  • Be anywhere in the world while still checking in on the care your loved one is receiving

Find out more about how we use digipens from your local branch.