Feedback methods

Feedback is an essential part of how we operate, and part of our quality management system. We regularly seek feedback from our clients and employees with regards to their experience of Newcross, and below are just some of the activities we undertake to gather that feedback.

Annual employee engagement survey

Every year all of our employees can contribute to the annual engagement survey, which investigates the strength of feeling against several different statements. From this we can learn where the business is working well to engage and satisfy employees, but also the areas we can improve upon.

2013 saw the first employee engagement survey conducted, with many of the outcomes such as a monthly staff newsletter now in place.

Staff assessment forms

When a new member of staff goes out to their first shift, and at regular intervals after that, a staff assessment form is sent to the client who was worked for in a recent shift. Clients are asked to give feedback about the performance of our staff member, their skills, experience, approach and the overall satisfaction with that staff member.

The scores are evaluated at an annual appraisal by the member of staff's line manager, but they are also reviewed on a ad-hoc basis in the interim periods. These scores are also used when assessing the Excellence in Healthcare and Homecare awards.

Client feedback surveys

We offer our clients the chance to give feedback about every aspect of our service, including their experience with our support departments, but most importantly about their satisfaction with the care they are receiving. These surveys are often conducted by branch and in a range of formats to make it as accessible as possible for all.

Staff feedback surveys

Equally important is the feedback from our staff members about their experience of working for Newcross and their suggestions for evolving our services. These surveys are also conducted by branch, and the results fed back into our quality management system.

Leavers questionnaires

We're always sad to see employees move on, but we endeavour to ensure that the opportunity to complete feedback is taken up by the individual. We really value that feedback, and we regularly draw on those outcomes to implement positive changes.