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Falkirk Nurses Voted Amongst the Best

The Newcross nursing agency in Falkirk got an early Christmas surprise this year as Pauline Stoddart was announced as one of a handful of finalists in 2009 Newcross Excellence in Healthcare Award.

Nominated by Business Centre Manager, Hazel Mitchell, "Pauline has been with us since 2001 has had some tough challenges as a healthcare assistant over the years, but she has always been there for her clients and we have had a lot of people recommending her over the last eight years.  She is always bright and breezy and is always on time - she really deserves the recognition and a big thank you too for all her hard work over the last eight years.

You don't take on nursing if you are not committed to your job - nursing and healthcare work is tough and it is incredibly stressful.  It's great when you can give some good news to people and a great start to Pauline's Christmas!"

Published at: 12:00am on 16th December 2009

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This post was written by: Sarah Gill