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NurChat 30/08/16 – Leadership in nursing and what makes a great nurse leader

Anyone has the potential to be a great leader. You don’t need to be in a management role to be a leader and not all managers are leaders. Typically as nurses we’re expected to be comfortable in a leadership role. We lead a shift of healthcare professionals, liaise with multiple different... Read More »

NurChat 16/08/16 – How does what we see, read and share online affect us as nurses?

As nurses, our days are filled to bursting with ensuring our patients get the care they need. We pour our hearts and souls into every shift, every family and every individual. From the smallest gesture of kindness to providing comfort through life’s toughest times, nurses make a difference eve... Read More »

NurChat 02/08/16 – What would NHS privatisation do for patient safety?

Privatisation of the NHS is one of the most highly debated issues in modern day healthcare, probably second only to solving the shortage of registered nurses. But what would privatisation actually mean? In some areas it could be said that NHS privatisation has already happened, but others may look... Read More »

NurChat 19/07/16 – Equality and diversity in nursing and healthcare staff

It’s a sad state of our reality that discrimination and bullying exists in the workplace. Nurses and healthcare staff working in all areas of the sector witness it and are subject to it from both patients and colleagues. As many as 75% of acute trusts have a higher percentage of black and min... Read More »

NurChat 05/07/16 – The real risks of cutting the student nurse bursary

The journey from enrolling as a student nurse to become a fully qualified registered nurse is often one of uncertainty but it’s also the way to the career that was meant to be. Despite full knowledge of the long hours and hardship that comes with student nurse status, it’s still a highly... Read More »

NurChat 22/06/16 - Key issues from RCN Congress

We’re excited that NurChat is going to be on stand F18 at RCN Congress from 18th – 21st June and we can’t wait to meet you all there. However, on 21st June when we would usually have a NurChat discussion we’ll all be travelling back from Glasgow after what will no doubt be an... Read More »

NurChat 07/06/16 – Respect for carers – do we value their role?

Living with dementia, whether you are the person suffering from the disease or a carer is one of the toughest life experiences a person can go through. Improvements in dementia care are happening, but there is still a long way to go. Where in the past, a person with dementia was presumed to lo... Read More »

NurChat 24/05/16 – Do Not Resuscitate – room for improvement in end of life care?

Since the retirement of the Liverpool Care Pathway in 2014, concerns that the quality of end of life care would deteriorate were plentiful. Many were worried the absence of structured guidance would leave patients without dignified care in their final hours. However, in light of the well-publicised... Read More »

Nurchat 10/05/16 – Celebrating Nurses on International Nurses Day

Nursing is a profession that has been around since the beginning of time. Nurses have been at the front line of military conflicts, they’ve been at the bedside of some of the most influential people in the world, and they hold a hand when the lights go out. Choosing to become a nurse is a ver... Read More »

Nurchat 26/04/16 New policy - a fair deal for whistleblowers?

Despite a professional and moral commitment to reporting poor practice or patient safety concerns, some nurses have faced retribution when whistleblowing. Worries of being labelled a troublemaker or being ostracised by their manager and team can be very real. In 2013, the NHS staff survey reported t... Read More »