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NurChat 28/03/17 – World Health Day: Let’s talk depression

World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th April to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation. Each year, a particular area of focus is chosen that is in need of increased awareness and is of concern around the world. This year, we’re talking about depression... Read More »

NurChat 14/03/17 – Social Media for Healthcare and Nursing Professionals

Social media and spending time in conversation with the connections we form online is a growing part of our daily lives. Last year, the proportion of time spent communicating on social media channels as opposed to other methods such as email or phone was a high as 27%, or the equivalent of 69 minute... Read More »

NurChat 28/02/17 Not just a care home nurse - a wealth of knowledge and skills.

A piece in the Nursing Times caught my eye recently. Titled ‘I’m just a care home nurse’, it highlights the complexities of care home nursing and the way in which the role of the nurse differs from that in the NHS. It’s not about one environment being better than the other, b... Read More »

NurChat 14/02/17 – The future of Nursing in crisis?

It would seem that fears over a decline in nursing and midwifery students following the removal of the bursary have been realised.  Applications for courses that would have previously attracted the funding entitlement are down by as much as 23% (source: Guardian). Applications for all universi... Read More »

NurChat 31/01/17 – Falls: not a natural part of ageing

Falls and fall-related injuries are serious at any time of life, but they can be particularly so for older people. It’s estimated that just under a third of all people age 65+ and half of all people over the age of 80 fall at least once a year. After a fall, an older person has a 50% probabil... Read More »

NurChat 17/01/17 6pm - What does good documentation and care planning look like?

On this one occasion, we’re moving the time of the #Nurchat to 18:00 – 19:00 because I’ll be with our clinical team in Bristol. It’s a great opportunity for us to share all the benefits of #NurChat with some of the newer members and I hope you’ll join me in we... Read More »

NurChat 03/01/17 – Reflecting, setting goals and staying motivated

Time flies so fast. We blinked and 2016 was gone! Days, weeks, months - they have a tendency to just merge into one unless we take control of the time we have and plan the things we want to achieve. Did you set yourself any goals for 2016? Did you achieve them? What were your highlights of the year?... Read More »

NurChat 06/12/16 - Protecting your mental and physical wellbeing from the effects of stress.

I’ve never met a nurse who hasn’t experienced workplace stress at some time in their career. Indeed many would say it’s just a part of everyday life as a nurse. But have we become too accepting that stress is part of our lives? And is it having a long term effect on our mental and... Read More »

NurChat 22/11/16 - Raising concerns in practise - the role of the student nurse

Student nurses are uniquely placed to be the eyes and ears of a healthcare setting. In their capacity as learner and future registered nurse they have departmental and geographical mobility, moving from ward to ward, clinical to clinic, hospital to community and sometimes hospital to hospital. Place... Read More »

Nurchat 08/11/16 – Student Nurses and Mentors – building a great relationship

As a student nurse, working with your mentor is crucial to your success. Aside from being one of the most important professional relationships you will have at this early stage in your nursing career, they will guide, support and challenge you as you learn and develop. But they are also there to as... Read More »

Nurchat 25/10/16 – Challenges of the transition from student nurse to newly qualified nurse

You’ve done it. You’ve survived the gruelling hard work, the emotional rollercoasters and adapted to working all hours of the day and night. You can now officially call yourself a nurse. You’re now responsible for the wellbeing of patients in your care, ensuring they get the best p... Read More »

Transcript Part 2 - Student Nurses new to Twitter – professionalism and growing your network

Read part of the transcript from our student nurse #NurChat discussion on 11th October 2016 when we talked about digital professionalism and growing your network. Part 2 [View the story "Student Nurses - professionalism and community on Twitter (pt2)" on Storify] Read More »

Transcript Part 1 - Student Nurses new to Twitter – professionalism and growing your network

Read back over our student nurse NurChat discussion from 11th October 2016 on digital professionalism and growing your network. Part 1   Carry on to read Part 2 here [View the story "Student Nurses - professionalism and community on Twitter (pt1)" on Storify] Read More »

NurChat 11/10/16 – Student Nurses new to Twitter – professionalism and growing your network

As pioneers in the social space, #NurChat has provided an open forum for the discussion of nursing and healthcare related topics for over 5 years now. In that time we’ve seen the use of social media, Twitter in particular, grow and change significantly. From its launch in 2006, Twitter has gro... Read More »

NurChat 27/09/16 – Dementia and co-morbid health conditions

World Alzheimer’s Month is happening all around us right now. In its fifth year raising awareness around the world of this degenerative and heart-breaking disease, it’s surprising to note that there is little coverage in the mainstream media. Has Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia in... Read More »