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About NurChat

If you’re reading this, you probably have strong opinions about healthcare. You’re probably very passionate about healthcare and you probably have a lot of suggestions that could improve healthcare.

You are definitely in the right place.

NurChat is an online community for nurses, healthcare professionals, patients and anyone with an interest in healthcare to come together, share knowledge and learn from each other. At NurChat you will find inspiring debate on contemporary issues, and a wealth of reading material, allowing you to learn from others and discuss the topics that matter to you.

We are not here to complain, we are not here to moan and we are not here to point blame.

We are here to make a difference.

NurChat is a place where you can express and develop ideas amongst your peers, and together have a positive and significant impact on care delivery in this country. By sharing best practice, we can develop our knowledge as healthcare professionals and affect change on the frontline of patient care.

It can be difficult to change perceptions and improve behaviours on your own, but together, our voice can be heard. Everything we do, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can have a life-changing effect on our patients.

A single idea can change everything.

NurChat is facilitated by Newcross Healthcare Solutions, but it belongs to the nursing community. NurChat is open to anyone from any background with an opinion on healthcare, and there is no idea that is too small. Join us and countless other NurChatters to make a difference today!

NurChatting 101

NurChat hosts fortnightly discussions on every other Tuesday, at 8pm UK time, debating the relevant issues from across the healthcare sector. We also host impromptu NurChats in response to breaking news in healthcare.

You can participate in NurChat through ‘Join #NurChat Live’, or by using the hashtag #NurChat on Twitter during a discussion. By using the custom built #NurChat chat application, you can watch, take part and read all of the NurChat articles, all in the same place! It is so simple and easy to use, but if you would like more information about participating in a NurChat you can find out the details on our ‘How to join in’ page here.

To get the most out of NurChat, be sure to follow our Twitter account @NurChat, where you can get information about upcoming topics and reminders of discussion start times.

For every NurChat you will find:

• A pre-chat article to introduce you to the next discussion
• A full transcript for you to review in your own time (ideas come thick and fast during NurChat!)
• A summary that defines the key opinions and suggestions of the NurChat discussion

All of this adds up to one of the most informative and collaborative communities not just in healthcare but on all of social media. Join in and get involved in the NurChat movement today!

Meet The NurChat Team

NurChat is led by a team of two nurses, each with years of experience and expertise in a variety of fields and disciplines.

Donna Mullikin (@DonnaNewcross)

I'm Donna, and I'm a qualified nurse from Cornwall. I've been part of the NurChat team with Newcross Healthcare Solutions since July 2012.

My previous nursing roles have involved specialising in diabetes, endocrinology, eating disorders, mental health and complex needs. I am currently a Clinical Assessor and Nurse Recruiter at Newcross Healthcare Solutions, where I assesses and manage homecare client needs, whilst arranging complex care packages and overseeing practice supervisions.

I enjoy spending time with my family and I like films, walking and sea-swimming (surely not in our climate!). I don't like grumpy people,  after all it doesn’t take much effort to smile!

Who to Follow

We've put together a list of the Who's Who to follow on twitter - as determined by our wonderful #NurChatters. If you're new to twitter or just want to expand your horizons, these are the people to connect with.

NMC Guidelines

NurChat is home to some of the most conscientious nurses in the country, and if you’re reading this then you’re likely to be one too, so you will already uphold the NMC Code of Conduct. However, due to the evolving nature of social media, and its role as a public forum, we advise all participants to read and follow the NMC guidelines on social media activity, especially if this is your first NurChat!

These guidelines apply the principles of the NMC Code of Conduct to the context of social networks. Please read the guidelines thoroughly, and remember, a good rule of thumb is to conduct yourself online as you would in the outside world!

Please remember that you are personally responsible for your comments and opinions, and as such we ask you to be mindful of the nature of your content and how it may affect others. The entire NurChat community follows these codes, which is what makes it such a supportive and progressive environment.

The views expressed on this blog or during NurChat discussions do not necessarily reflect the views of NurChat, Newcross Healthcare Solutions or any other hosts (where applicable).