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How To Join In

Joining a NurChat discussion is easy, and you can access everything you need from this page! Just follow our simple steps and you’ll soon be on your way to connecting with the NurChat community.

Get Online

To get the most out of NurChat, you will need to have a Twitter account in order to tweet into the discussion. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up to Twitter for free here – all you need is an email address. Twitter is a social network that connects people all over the world, sharing (mostly) valuable information amongst like-minded individuals. If you are a registered nurse, please remember to consult NMC guidelines on social media before you begin.

Whilst we urge everyone to join Twitter, if you really don’t want to you can still be involved in NurChat by reading all of our blog articles and summaries, and posting any comments you may have. However, you will not be involved in the discussions live, which is when NurChat is at its best!

Get Connected

Once you have your Twitter account, follow the @NurChat account, where we publish articles, news and information relevant to discussions. You can also subscribe to the NurChat blog here to be notified via email when a new story or article is published, and you can share NurChat events with your friends and colleagues through Facebook and Twitter – the more people involved, the better the discussion.

Get Prepared

For each NurChat discussion, a pre-chat article, transcript and summary will be published, where you will find a variety of reading material. Pre-chat articles will feature information preparing you for an upcoming discussion, whilst summaries may include material that comes to light during NurChat.

We also publish regular relevant news stories and articles via Twitter and Facebook, so that you are always up-to-date with contemporary events in the healthcare sector. The more prepared you are for NurChat, the more involved you can be!

Get Involved!

Now that you are prepared and ready, you can get involved in the most fun part of NurChat – our discussions!

To make NurChat as easy as possible to participate in, we have a custom app that will display all the tweets in one stream and in real time. To use this app, click on ‘Join #NurChat Live’ and sign in to your Twitter account. You can then tweet directly from the app, which will automatically add the hashtag #NurChat to all of your tweets, making you a part of the discussion!

If you are unable to access the NurChat app and you are using an alternative method, just be sure to include the hashtag #NurChat; this is how your tweets will be visible to everyone else participating.

After a discussion, you can read the transcript in case there was anything you missed, before reading the post-chat summary that will detail all of the main points. If you have anything to add to the article, please feel free post your comments for everyone to see.

The NurChat Top Tips

• Read the NMC guidelines for conducting yourself on social media
• Read a previous NurChat transcript to get a flavour of how discussions happen
• Send a tweet to your followers telling them you are taking part in #NurChat – you can also ask them to join if they are interested in the topic!
• Follow the healthcare professionals you meet through NurChat – you can continue sharing ideas and best practice with your new contacts after NurChat finishes.

And now you’re ready to go! If you have any problems joining NurChat, you can contact us via Twitter or via email at communications (at) newcrosshealthcare.com.