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Nurchat 25/10/16 – Challenges of the transition from student nurse to newly qualified nurse

You’ve done it. You’ve survived the gruelling hard work, the emotional rollercoasters and adapted to working all hours of the day and night. You can now officially call yourself a nurse. You’re now responsible for the wellbeing of patients in your care, ensuring they get the best possible attention, and leading a team of healthcare professionals who will support you.

But making that giant leap from 3rd year nursing student to newly qualified nurse is one that, with good reason, causes feelings of trepidation and anxiety. Your physical, mental and emotional resilience will be tested, so how can you prepare yourself for this?

Handling the new level of responsibility that comes with a registered nurse job is one of the biggest challenges a newly qualified nurse has to overcome. What if there isn’t a structured support network there to guide you through those first days and weeks? What if you feel your new workload is becoming unrealistic with too many patients, too few members or staff, or patients with complex needs that would challenge even the most experienced nurse?

Ideally, that’s where a structured preceptorship period will support your knowledge and re-enforce those competencies gained during your nursing course. It’s long been recognised that the preceptorship is a vital stepping stone between student nurse and registered professional, and having the support of a named individual helps to increase confidence, increase job satisfaction and encourages feelings of being valued in the team. This all positively impacts the quality of patient care, however it’s not a mandatory requirement for employers to provide preceptorships. So how can you take control of your newly qualified nurse experience?

In this #NurChat, we’ll be discussing experiences as well as sharing tips and resources for surviving your first year as a registered nurse.


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