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Nurchat 08/11/16 – Student Nurses and Mentors – building a great relationship

As a student nurse, working with your mentor is crucial to your success. Aside from being one of the most important professional relationships you will have at this early stage in your nursing career, they will guide, support and challenge you as you learn and develop.

But they are also there to assess your performance and ensure you’re going to be a competent nurse in the future. And you have a proactive role to play in this.

Every review meeting with your mentor should be considered an opportunity to discuss your progress and get feedback on how you can continually improve. There are several ways a mentor will assess your success including observation, questioning, simulation, so in this #NurChat we’ll talk be talking about planning for success.

  • What preparation should you be doing for your review meetings?
  • How can you take a proactive approach from scheduling meetings to ensuring your learning outcomes are completed by the end of it?
  • What additional support, if any, do you need and how can you approach this with your mentor?

Unfortunately, we see too many examples of students having a less than optimum placement experience. Whether on the part of the student or mentor, we know that things can be better. For students with disabilities, reasonable adjustments are an essential part of a success strategy. We’ve seen all too often that the mutual commitment to making a strategy is either absent from the start or wanes as a placement progresses. So we’ll be asking:

  • What can students do to help make their success strategy easily accessible and actionable for mentors?
  • What can mentors do to ensure students have the resources and support they need?
  • What would constitute best practice from both parties?

Everybody has a responsibility for their own learning, but are mentors sufficiently equipped in order to deliver the learning support needed? How can students develop the confidence to take control of their learning journey?

We are joined by the founder of Diverse Learners, specialist teacher Kerry Pace (@DiverseLearners), 2nd year nursing student Dann Gooding (@DannGooding) and Associate Head of School Placement Learning and mentorship lead at Plymouth University, Adele Jane (@Kanead) for this #NurChat when we’ll be talking about mentor-student relationships and how both parties can work together for the best outcomes.

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