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NurChat 14/03/17 – Social Media for Healthcare and Nursing Professionals

Social media and spending time in conversation with the connections we form online is a growing part of our daily lives. Last year, the proportion of time spent communicating on social media channels as opposed to other methods such as email or phone was a high as 27%, or the equivalent of 69 minutes a day, for one age group (Source: OFCOM).

For those of us who use social media beyond connecting with friends and family, we can certainly relate to this. Not only is the nursing and healthcare community online a valuable resource of collective knowledge, it’s also a great support for students and registered nursing professionals alike.

But if you’ve never used social media in a professional capacity before, there are some things to consider before jumping right in. Confidentiality is a key consideration, as is adhering the entirety of the NMC code if you’re a student or registered nurse. Being prepared to be as professional online as you are offline is a great start and something we advocate through NurChat.

If you’re new to using social media in a professional capacity, or you just want to gain some confidence getting involved, this #NurChat is for you. We’ll be offering a space where you can practice, learn and just enjoy getting involved. The discussion will cover the following points:

  • Being part of the community, both listening and contributing
  • Discerning the authenticity of information
  • Asking relevant, well-informed questions
  • Staying safe when participating online

Read back over the discussion here