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Newcross Healthcare Solutions
Berry Pomeroy

T: +44 (0)1803 867800
F: +44 (0)1803 867218
E: hq@newcrosshealthcare.com

Healthcare & Nursing Jobs - The One Stop Shop - Newcross Healthcare Solutions

The One Stop Shop

The total solution: the One Stop Shop

For large institutions and organisations and groups of care homes, the Newcross Healthcare One Stop Shop is our all-embracing managed solution.

One Stop Shop means we meet your entire staffing needs through a single point of contact:

  • You make a call (or send an email, fax or contact us online)
  • We arrange high quality cover at a fixed cost
  • You receive one simple consolidated invoice

By sourcing 2nd tier suppliers where necessary, we endeavour to meet all your staffing needs 24/7 with staff that meet our very high standards (including guaranteed 10 minute call-backs for short notice shifts).

Our sophisticated online systems mean everything from bookings and timesheets to staff profiles are at your fingertips. You can see at a glance how every shift is being covered. You're in complete control.

As your First Call supplier, we can offer you discounts that make our One Stop Shop service even more valuable. To find out more, call 01803 867800.