10 January 2011

100 Club winners winter wonderland weekend away!

 edin 23

Earlier in 2010 the names of the Newcross top performers 2009, the 100 Club winners, were announced.   As key 'movers and shakers' in Newcross we know they have ideas on how to streamline processes, how to attract and win new business, how to better skill and train our workforce, and how to reward exceptional performance.  We want to hear all of them - and more importantly - help to put them into action to make a real difference to our business so on Sunday 5th December the 100 club were invited to participate in a business improvement team activity day, followed by an exciting social activity!  Accompanied by CEO Stephen Pattrick and Head of HR Tracy O'Kennedy, the team set off from various parts of the country to their snowy destination- the city of Edinburgh!

The ten winners anxiously watched the weather forecast in the lead up to their departure to Edinburgh- it was the week the temperature really started to drop below freezing and heavy snow affected all of Scotland.  A decision was made by Stephen to go ahead- this trip had been planned for a long time and the winners were really looking forward to it, nothing- not even the snow- was going to stop them!

A very excited gang took their flight to Edinburgh and the snow scene below them as they landed was amazing- a white winter wonderland awaited them (just after they landed the airport was closed due to the freak snow blizzards)

The team then travelled into Edinburgh city centre - taking in the wonderful views along the way: the castle, Princes Street, the Christmas market (all lit up) - the snow was getting deep by now!  All were absolutely delighted when they reached their hotel, the luxury Radisson Blu, where they later dined on a hearty supper and then went to bed early ready for the following day's activities.  They awoke to discover yet more snow had fallen over night and showed no signs of stopping; they had a lovely breakfast and then headed to the hotel board room where they met their Scottish 100 club colleagues.  They had a great morning of debating good ideas on how to improve business - sharing knowledge, building relationships, and setting deadlines for improvement.  After lunch they had the afternoon free to sight see around the city- some went to the German Christmas Market and sipped warm mulled wine (and had snowballs thrown at them by Stephen!), others wandered around the historic town and few just relaxed in the warmth of the hotel...the snow was still falling.

Just as it was getting dark the team met for their Ghosts and Ghouls tour - They were guided around the old parts of the city and into the dark vaults to hear the spooky stories of deaths times gone by! The highlight of the tour was Stephen and Mark getting whipped as a demonstration on what had happened in past! The scenery was beautiful - and traffic was almost at a standstill- by now as almost a foot of snow had fallen; good job tour was on foot!

Later that night the team had supper together at an award winning restaurant on the Royal Mile; the food was out of this world (beetroot ice cream was among the delicacies on the menu!) and the jollities and the banter were in full flow. After a short walk in the think snow back to the hotel for a night cap the team slept like babies.  Despite the snow the whole team manage to get safely home the next morning.  A fantastic time was had by all and friendships were well and truly established.