Helping Britain get the care service it deserves

Helping Britain get the care service it deserves

Help us build the joined-up healthcare ecosystem of the future

Newcross Healthcare have been at the heart of care since 1996. Now we’re building a healthcare ecosystem to serve people like never before. We’re harnessing technology to provide care that’s more human, better tailored to the individual and available everywhere.

The issues facing Britain’s Care industry

We’re building a bigger and better trained workforce to meet the needs of tomorrow together with a healthcare ecosystem designed around Britain’s pressing care needs.

Care recruitment & retention

  • Problem: Carers are leaving to work in other sectors, fewer people from other countries are arriving to work in the sector and staffing levels are at a low point

  • Solution: Newcross are committed to building the workforce of the future. An ever-expanding and increasingly highly trained workforce, providing the best levels of care to people, wherever they are. We’re doing all we can to offer attractive flexible working, with good pay and benefits, such as smartphone access to GPs via MyHealthPlan, FlexiPay that pays workers the same day and a rise of up to 10% for care home workers.

Action not just words

  • Problem: Everyone has something to say about the state of the care sector from political parties to the media to your next door neighbour. But despite the volume of the debate, more needs to done to ensure the right care is always available in the right places when it’s needed.

  • Solution: Newcross Healthcare are doing something real, tangible and future-focused. We’re democratising advancements in treatment and care and making them tangible for everyone. Our groundbreaking HealthForceGo app simply and instantly matches the country’s dedicated nurses and carers to the people who need them. Easily and in one place, clients can find the best qualified and experienced healthcare workers to fit their needs, and nurses and carers can find new opportunities for work that fits around their lives.

A sector under pressure

  • Problem: The healthcare sector is under immense pressure. The system is struggling to keep pace with developing technologies and treatments while dealing with the challenges of an ageing population and the effects of the pandemic.

  • Solution: We believe the healthcare system of tomorrow will offer a greater selection of choices across different settings, including people’s homes and other settings, not just in hospitals and care homes. That’s why we’re focusing on services that offer greater flexibility, taking the strain off hospitals while investing in preventative technology. Our joined-up ecosystem is designed to serve pressing needs across the country far into the future.

Learning and development

  • Problem: The demand for well-trained healthcare workers vastly outstrips supply. While at the same time potential students struggle to get access to appropriate funding and for many the learning experience online isn’t adequate.

  • Solution: We see ourselves as the sector’s learning partner for life. That’s why we provide high quality immersive & interactive training – via our mobile app and website, so workers can learn as they earn. Learning and development that’s not only modern, rigorous, and comprehensive – but free at the point of access. It’s time for a revolution that makes best in class training available to all.

6 ways we’re joining up care


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