Newcross Healthcare: our values

Our purpose

To transform and personalise the experience of care

Our purpose

To transform and personalise the experience of care, by creating a local, national and global healthcare ecosystem.

Our ambition

We aim to become the world's leading healthcare worker resource platform and a pioneer in treatment and care at home. We’re creating a healthcare ecosystem that’s modern, joined up, efficient, reliable and most of all, effective. One that’s accessible to everyone and provides exceptional training and support.

Our goals

To create the best trained workforce, we see ourselves as the sector’s learning partner for life, offering high quality immersive and interactive training via our mobile app and website. Learning and development that’s not only modern, rigorous and comprehensive – but free at the point of access.

To democratise advancements in treatment and care at home, we offer hospital-level treatment at home and other settings from the kind of clinical professionals patients normally only see at an outpatients clinic. Taking the strain off hospitals and the strain off patients too.

Our values and behaviours

  • Culture – At Newcross we see ourselves as being all in it together. We believe nothing is too hard and we seek out the exceptional. Together we’re always breaking new ground, with an entrepreneurial streak that runs through everything we do.

  • Character – We’re confident but always human and approachable, in touch with the grass roots, passionate and authentic. Always ambitious, challenging and campaigning for our sector – the people it serves and the people who work in it.

  • Narrative – We’re interested in accelerating and being part of the next generation of healthcare. We’re comfortable challenging the status quo, always future-facing and challenging ourselves to offer new perspectives.

  • Behaviour – Wherever people need us, we’re there. We try to help everyone see the bigger picture but we’re always focused on, and in, the moment.

  • Principles – the four principles we live by are immediacy, purposeful momentum, reciprocation and remaining human-centred.