Inspection ratings

Newcross branches are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England, the Care Inspectorate Wales, or the Care Inspectorate in Scotland. You can see the latest ratings for branches across the UK below.


CQC Newcross

England - CQC Ratings

Branch: Barnstaple (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Bath (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Bournemouth (CC/Homecare)  

Branch: Bristol (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Chichester (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Eastbourne (CC/ Homecare) 

Branch: Exeter (CC/ Homecare) 

Branch: Gloucester (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Hereford (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Isle of Wight (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Norwich (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Plymouth (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Shrewsbury (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Southampton (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Taunton (CC/Homecare)  

Branch: Torquay (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Truro (CC/Homecare) 

Branch:  Woking (CC/Homecare) 

Branch: Yeovil (CC/Homecare) 

 Branch: Worcester (CC/Homecare) 

Scotland - Care Inspectorate Ratings

Branch: Kirkaldy (CC/Homecare) Last inspected: March 2018

Quality of information: 5- Very Good Quality of care and support: 4- Good Quality of staffing: 4- Good Quality of management and leadership: 4 Good