Basic Life Support (Paediatric)

Clinical Course
3 hours
£30.00 or 3000 Newcross training credits

Delegates will learn how to conduct primary and secondary assessment including basic first aid and placing casualties into the recovery position. They will also learn the principles of resuscitation in children and babies and will demonstrate this practically. Delegates will be able to administer first aid to a choking casualty.  

Course content:

  • To understand the importance of recognising life-threatening conditions 
  • Understand the importance of calling for help/ambulance as soon as possible 
  • To be able to recognise if somebody is breathing normally or not. Ability to maintain an open airway
  • Being able to put somebody into the recovery position. 
  • To understand the importance of recognising when somebody is not breathing. To understand how to administer rescue breaths and why these are performed in children before commencing chest compressions 
  • To understand the importance of recognising that someone is showing no signs of life and how and when to begin chest compressions
  • To understand how to perform chest compressions. 
  • To gain competency on mouth to mouth resuscitation and cardiac compressions 
  • To understand the differences between the anatomy of children and adults and why the BLS sequences are different 
  • To be able to recognise when a child is choking and understand what action to take 
  • To gain an understanding of the importance of the use of AEDs and survival outcomes, the locations of them and that you do not need special training to use one 
  • Understand the importance of checking casualty for further injuries once life has been sustained