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Case Study: Nathan

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Case Study: Nathan


Nathan has an acquired brain injury which results in him having challenging behaviours. He has had a whole new staff team, two of which visited a bookstore with him. During their visit, they read him Dr. Seuss’ book, The Cat in the Hat. Nathan really enjoyed this activity and listened intently, mesmerised by the story – something which had never been witnessed before.

Whilst at the store, they also bought a colouring book and pencils. Nathan is not able to colour in the pictures himself, but he was given the choice of which colours he wanted to go into the picture. Taking part in this helps him to learn, stimulates him, and distracts him from playing computer games.

Nathan’s behaviours have been reducing and he is really starting to thrive with his new staff structure. This has also been noticed by his next of kin. On assessment, his next of kin mentioned that they can really see a positive difference in Nathan which is fantastic feedback for his care team.