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Newcross Healthcare is sponsoring the Climate Hack.AI competition

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Newcross Healthcare is sponsoring the Climate Hack.AI competition

​At Newcross Healthcare, we’re pleased to be co-funding an AI competition to encourage people to re-think the UK's power grid for the sustainable future of healthcare.

Healthcare is becoming increasingly technology-driven, and this technology requires more energy in order to run. From scanners, monitors and hospital equipment, to building services and the many tech and data solutions that doctors depend on, there are plenty of aspects that require energy to ensure that vital hospitals and NHS trusts can continue to function.

In view of these trends, we’re sponsoring Climate Hack.AI, a competition between the artificial intelligence (“AI”) communities of 25 world leading universities. This competition will see the 25 universities helping to optimise the UK’s power grid for the 21st century needs, with the challenge to use AI to better forecast and distribute power production in the UK.

Improved PV forecasting for the National Grid ESO could save up to 100 kilotonnes of carbon emissions per year (up to 1.3 megatonnes by 2030). During the Climate Hack.AI competition, the teams will present their solutions at simultaneous events in New York and London in Spring 2022. Prior to this, two intermediate events will be hosted where the university teams can meet and refine their approaches.

The final Climate Hack.AI event will take place in March 2022 with a prize of £50,000 to be distributed to the winning students and university societies.

Energy and the healthcare sector

The World Health Organisation estimates that at least 50% of the world’s population currently lacks the essential infrastructure required for health services. While the issue is complex, a clear opportunity exists to contribute by providing reliable, cost-effective renewable energy.

Michelle Gorringe, Newcross co-founder and COO said, “It is estimated that up to 20% of energy consumed by the healthcare sector in the UK is wasted. Given these statistics, it is urgent that we address the sustainable future of healthcare and climate change.”

Stephen Pattrick, Newcross co-founder and CEO said, “Advancements in technology and improvements in connectivity will deliver more responsive, tailored support in a way that improves the lives of those in our care. With increased reliance on technology comes increased energy dependence, and we need to ensure the future of healthcare is sustainable.”

Jamie Weigold, President of UCL’s Artificial Intelligence Society said: “Climate change is the single greatest threat to humanity today. How we respond will define our generation. Climate Hack.AI was created to harness the vast potential of artificial intelligence to produce solutions that reduce carbon emissions.”

“We are delighted to be working with Newcross Healthcare, who are clearly among both the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the provision of healthcare.”

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