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Suhail Mirza appointed as non-executive director

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Suhail Mirza appointed as non-executive director

​As one of Britain’s largest independent health and social care employers, Newcross Healthcare has announced the appointment of market expert Suhail Mirza as non-executive director.

Chief Executive of Newcross, Stephen Pattrick, says: “I am thrilled to welcome Suhail to the Newcross Board. We’re excited to work closer together to break new ground with his unique insight to the sector. Growing and nurturing our healthcare workforce is key to preparing ourselves for what comes next.”

“Suhail has already been a familiar face to our workforce having previously supported us with our wellbeing projects, and as we continue to drive exponential growth, there’s no better time than now to officially invite him onto our mission to deliver the care service that Britain deserves.”

Having spent more than 20 years in the healthcare sector and with experience as co-owner of an adult social care company, Suhail has regularly provided advice and support to various healthcare providers, as well as authoring the LaingBuisson UK Healthcare Workforce Report. As a former lawyer, published poet, wellness speaker and coach who supported the NHS frontline staff during and since the covid-19 pandemic, Suhail is well positioned to provide expert guidance to Newcross across a number of matters.

Suhail adds: “I am delighted to join Newcross Healthcare. The healthcare system is facing unprecedented challenges, so this is a crucial time for us to come together and share strategic advice to meet the requirements of the public now and for future generations to come.”

“For years, I’ve been advocating for education that is free at the point of access and can support the growth of our caring workforce. Newcross’ moonshot to be learning partner for life, and to transform the experience of care, is utterly apposite for how we approach future challenges.”

Suhail will also host the upcoming podcast series from Newcross, titled ‘Voices of Care’. Launching on Tuesday 1 November, the podcast welcomes leaders from across the NHS, private healthcare, and the wider social care community to discuss challenges and the innovative solutions available to the sector.

“We don’t have all the answers, but we’re willing to ask the questions – and I think that’s what makes this podcast series such an opportune project,” says Suhail. “It’s a chance to listen and understand common issues, as well as share the thoughts and successes of those at the forefront of care.”

Newcross’ Voices of Care podcast will be available for streaming on most podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

Suhail joins a refreshed Board of Directors led by CEO Stephen Pattrick and COO Michelle Gorringe RN. This includes:

  • David Balls, Chief People Officer

  • Marco Alparone, Chief Technology Officer

  • Martin Weigold, Chief Financial Officer

  • Emma Inston, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Alix Ripley, Sales Director

  • and Geoff White, Operations Director

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