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Four tips to pick up more shifts

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Four tips to pick up more shifts

If you are looking for ways to pick up more shifts at Newcross, there are several things you can do to help you to achieve this. 

These options can be accessed either through our HealthForceGo app or by exploring the free training available on FuturU. 


One of the best ways to pick up more shifts is to update your availability on our HealthForceGo app. On the app’s menu, you can access the My Availability section. By clicking on this section, you can add availability updates via the calendar on the screen. Once you have added these updates, you can change whether you are available or unavailable on the dates you have selected, should things change. 


You can also boost your ability to pick up more shifts via the app’s AutoAssign function. If you do not have your phone to hand or are busy on a shift, AutoAssign can pick up shifts on your behalf. 

AutoAssign allows you to pick up shifts that you might otherwise miss. To enable AutoAssign, click on the options tab on HealthForceGo and turn the feature on from here. You can alter the duration of shifts assigned to you, the maximum distance you are willing to travel, and other options too. 


Healthcare workers can personalise the shift results they receive on HealthForceGo by creating a list of their favourite places to work. You can combine your Favourites list with AutoAssign to ensure that you only get booked onto shifts at your favourite places to work. 

Please note, you can only add a location as a favourite if you have worked at least one shift at the chosen setting. 


Access free training provided by Newcross Healthcare through our learning platforms to pick up more shifts. You can use FuturU to get the training for roles you might be interested in doing.

For example, for a role requiring experience with meds, healthcare workers can access meds training available via FuturU and learn how to administer medication. 

There are over 120 free courses you can access through Newcross’ online learning platforms. As well as this, you can take Virtual Shift courses on Newcross World which use simulations to test your performance. 

For additional information about these tips for picking up more shifts, you can watch video tutorials about discovering shifts and AutoAssign on the Newcross YouTube channel. You can also visit our HealthForceGo page and learn more about our healthcare worker app.