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We want to help you to get the most out of your healthcare career and ensure that you have all of the information you need to reach your goals. Here, you’ll find a collection of tips and advice which we hope will help to answer your healthcare career related questions.

Support Worker Ad

What qualities do you need to become a healthcare assistant?

​Have you ever wondered what qualities you need to become a healthcare assistant? Aside from kindness and compassion - two essential characteristics you need if you're considering a career in care ...

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Advice for graduate nurses

​Finishing university can be uncertain time for any graduate, and graduating as a nurse is no different. Fortunately, for anyone who studied degree-level nursing, our healthcare staff are on hand t...

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Hospital Ward

5 trends shaping the future of nursing

Written by Michelle Gorringe: RN , COO and Co-Founder​As a result of COVID-19, the health and social care industry is under enormous strain with staff putting Herculean efforts into maintaining hig...

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Luke Healthcare Coordinator

What does a healthcare coordinator do?

H​ave you ever wondered what a healthcare coordinator does? Are you interested in applying for one of our roles, but unsure about exactly what it is you'll be doing? Our Social Media Champion for S...

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Male Nurses Bill

More male nurses and carers, please

​Our population is aging. The charity Anchor has warned that if current trends continue, England could face a shortfall of 718,000 care workers by 2025. In the UK currently, women make up 84% of th...

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Max Get To Know

Nursing careers: The journey to Lead Nurse

​The role of a Lead Nurse is dynamic and varied. It requires unquestionable clinical knowledge and leadership skills. Max is a Lead Nurse working from our Bristol Complex Care branch, though he oft...

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Vanessa Get To Know

Nursing careers: Paediatrics

​Paediatric nurses specialise in the care of children from birth until their late teens. These nurses provide care and support to the child while also working with the family or guardians to addres...

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Nurse And Healthcare Assistant

8 tips for a successful student nurse placement

​Exhausted and nurses seems to be two words that have become closely aligned, and for student nurses, it’s no different. From placements far from home to irregular placement shift patterns, how do ...

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People Woman Coffee Meeting

Earn while you learn: 5 tips for student nurses

​Studying for a nursing degree is rewarding but challenging. Two of the biggest concerns that student nurses have are getting practical experience and paying their bills while at university. It’s ...

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Elderly Lady In Care Home

5 benefits of being a healthcare assistant

​Coined as the 'linchpins of the care world', healthcare assistants serve on the front line of the healthcare industry. Working alongside doctors and nurses in a supporting role, healthcare assista...

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How To Become A Registered Nurse

How to become a registered nurse

​Find out how to become a registered nurse. Our ultimate guide explains how you can gain valuable experience and qualify for your dream job. What is a registered nurse? Registered nurses are highly...

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Stephanie Six Months As A Nurse

Reflecting on my first 6 months as a Newcross nurse

​Stephanie is a Newcross Nurse based in West Scotland. In her own words, she reflects on her first 6 months with us, which also coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. "At the beginning of this year,...

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Pen Notepad

Nursing documentation: How to write a patient's notes

Writing a patient's notes is one of the primary responsibilities within the nursing profession. At the start, it can be daunting. However, it's integral to delivering top-quality care. Regardless o...

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