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Case Study: Jeff

​ADAPTING JEFF’S CARE TO SUIT HIS EVER-GROWING CONFIDENCEJeff was sadly diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma, a brain tumour, which turned his life upside down. He had a partner, a mortgage, and a f...

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Case Study: CG

HELPING CG TO ACCESS AND ENJOY HER GARDENCG is living with Alzheimer’s disease, had decreasing mobility, and was finding it hard to get in and out of bed. Our staff were able to facilitate a ceil...

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Case Study: Simon

​SUPPORTING SIMON IN ACCESSING COMMUNITY AND LEISURE ACTIVITIESSimon’s medical history and background include living with Down’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, non-verbal, use of a wheelchair ...

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Case Study: Shane

​HELPING SHANE TO DEVELOP LIFE SKILLS AND SUPPORTING HIS VERBAL DEVELOPMENTShane has epilepsy, a severe learning disability, and autistic spectrum disorder. Following bad experiences with other c...

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Case Study: Nathan

​STIMULATING NATHAN WITH NEW ACTIVITIESNathan has an acquired brain injury which results in him having challenging behaviours. He has had a whole new staff team, two of which visited a bookstore ...

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