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Working together to make care better

Our health service is the envy of the world. Why not our care service? Read our views on the healthcare sector and how we’re doing all we can to help Britain get the care service it deserves.

Hospital Ward

5 trends shaping the future of nursing

Written by Michelle Gorringe: RN , COO and Co-Founder​As a result of COVID-19, the health and social care industry is under enormous strain with staff putting Herculean efforts into maintaining hig...

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Male Nurses Bill

More male nurses and carers, please

​Our population is aging. The charity Anchor has warned that if current trends continue, England could face a shortfall of 718,000 care workers by 2025. In the UK currently, women make up 84% of th...

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Luke Healthcare Coordinator

What does a healthcare coordinator do?

H​ave you ever wondered what a healthcare coordinator does? Are you interested in applying for one of our roles, but unsure about exactly what it is you'll be doing? Our Social Media Champion for S...

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Max Get To Know

Nursing careers: The journey to Lead Nurse

​The role of a Lead Nurse is dynamic and varied. It requires unquestionable clinical knowledge and leadership skills. Max is a Lead Nurse working from our Bristol Complex Care branch, though he oft...

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How to spot sepsis

​More people die from sepsis each year than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. Also known as 'blood poisoning,' sepsis signs are easily missed, but this potentially life-threatening condit...

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Augmented Reality

Exploring augmented reality in healthcare

A​ugmented reality (AR) is the use of displays, cameras, and sensors to overlay digital information onto the real world. In contrast to Virtual reality (VR), which creates an entirely new world, AR...

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Moving And Handling

What to expect from a moving and handling course

​Working within healthcare and social care settings often involves moving, lifting, or otherwise manually handling the people within your care. With this in mind, our moving and handling training p...

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People Woman Coffee Meeting

Earn while you learn: 5 tips for student nurses

​Studying for a nursing degree is rewarding but challenging. Two of the biggest concerns that student nurses have are getting practical experience and paying their bills while at university. It’s ...

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Poppies Wreath

How World War One changed healthcare

​As we at Newcross prepare to commemorate those who gave their lives in conflict we take a look at how despite the horrors of the trenches and the battlefields World War One revolutionised healthca...

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Stephanie Six Months As A Nurse

Reflecting on my first 6 months as a Newcross nurse

​Stephanie is a Newcross Nurse based in West Scotland. In her own words, she reflects on her first 6 months with us, which also coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. "At the beginning of this year,...

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Full Moon

When should you check on a resident at night-time?

​The routine checking of residents during the night-time hours has been common practice in care homes. However, it's an institutional practice that actually contradicts the notion of person-centred...

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Alzheimers Walk In Garden

Activities for people with an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis

P​eople living with dementia can experience a lack of stimulation and the boredom this causes can be frustrating. It’s important to provide people with engaging activities, suited to their individu...

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Pen Notepad

The importance of good documentation in nursing

​There is a lot of information about good documentation in nursing. Whilst it is often related to the legal importance of accurate record keeping, it is essential to remember that documentation is ...

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Foot Reflexology

Reflexology and the elderly

N​owadays, there are several popular forms of complementary and alternative medicines and therapies that promote wellbeing, such as homeopathy, chiropractic, reiki, massage, and reflexology. This w...

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How to spot measles

C​ases of measles in Europe have hit a record high, according to the World Health Organization. In 2017, there were 23,927 reported cases yet the year before, only 5,273. Why? Specialists say that ...

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Caring for people with alcohol and substance addiction issues

​Caring for an individual with alcohol or substance addiction issues presents a complex situation for healthcare staff, especially when they are co-occurring with other illnesses or health issues. ...

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Hygiene Hand Washing

Food hygiene in care homes

I​n care homes and other residential facilities, it's essential that good food hygiene practices are firmly in place. We're often reminded to be extra careful when it comes to spreading germs aroun...

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Glucometer Sugar

5 things you should know about diabetes

​Diabetes is a world health issue with 3.5 million people in the UK diagnosed and a further 549,000 who may have the condition and not know it. By 2030, it could be the 7th leading causes of deaths...

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Nurse And Healthcare Assistant

8 tips for a successful student nurse placement

​Exhausted and nurses seems to be two words that have become closely aligned, and for student nurses, it’s no different. From placements far from home to irregular placement shift patterns, how do ...

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Sign Language

A brief history of sign language

​Communication is one of the most important skills we use in everyday life; from building relationships and asking questions to simply having fun, the ability to communicate effectively plays a key...

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