22 October 2013

Business growth means new management positions

From small beginnings as a local Torquay business, Newcross is now looking to increase our already UK-wide service with 10 new branches over the next 12 months.

Our shared values and our unwavering commitment to excellence in care has lead to an increased demand for our highly trained nurses and healthcare staff. So, we're expanding our operation to include 10 new branch locations, giving each local area new jobs but crucially, offering our vital services to new communities.

We've already expanded in the North and South East regions, with recent branch openings in Chester, Durham, Gloucester and Royal Tunbridge Wells so far this year, and we're still looking to go further.

Being a Business Centre Recruitment Manager is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated and driven individual with a recruitment background to really make their mark on the local area and grow the business from scratch.

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