The Newcross complex care solution

At Newcross, we work in harmony with case managers, solicitors and commissioners across the UK to deliver high quality, person-centred care to individuals with a range of complex health and social care or behavioural needs.

We believe that, with the right, outcome-based care and effective case management, individuals with complex needs can be empowered to live a more fulfilling and independent life in their own home.

Through research and interviews with our clients, we've identified the main pain points that case managers have with healthcare providers and have adapted our offering to provide the best possible service. Read on to learn more about our findings and how we can support you.

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The challenges of delivering care in the home


Attracting and retaining talented healthcare staff is a challenge, with the estimated vacancy rate and staff turnover rates in the adult social care market of 7.8% and 30.8% respectively*. 

Despite the demand for care staff outstripping supply, stringent recruitment and vetting processes must be put in place to ensure that the only very best staff are employed.

Many providers lack the nursing resource and clinical expertise to support individuals with extremely complex medical needs.

To manage chronic or acute health conditions in an effective way, a real investment must be made to train and support healthcare staff. Without this, case managers must intervene to protect their clients.

The individual’s wider support network is often overlooked, with many care providers failing to garner trust and foster positive relationships with everyone involved in the package of care. This can limit discussions and feedback. Without feedback, providers can’t adapt care plans and staffing arrangements to suit the individual’s needs.

Staffing issues pose a particular problem for complex care packages, for example where an individual requires round-the-clock care. For healthcare providers, the challenge is to provide a contingency of talented staff who are ready to work and are fully trained on an individual’s care needs, to cover illness and pull-outs. According to Skills for Care, 7% of adult social care staff have over 20 days of sick leave per year, and this is likely to increase with healthcare staff self isolating or testing positive for COVID-19.

We’re leading the revolution in complex care

imageWe provide a market-leading service to clients with a range of complex health and social care or behavioural needs across the UK.

With a workforce of over 9,500 across 21 branches, we support over 230 individuals per week and deliver over 600,000 hours of care per year.

We provide only the best, most highly-skilled staff to suit the needs of every care package. In addition to clinical skills, we assess whether candidates exhibit our core values of positivity, trustworthiness, respectfulness, understanding, calmness and kindness.

Our friendly branch teams are responsive to any queries or feedback. With a 24/7 central support team, clients and case managers can contact us at any time.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, to protect our service users, we rolled out COVID-19 specific training to all staff through our eLearning platform. This included modules such as donning and doffing PPE and oxygen therapy. 

Our complex care services are free of any cases of COVID-19, thanks to our rigorous hygiene and infection control standards, PPE supplied to all home care staff, and tracking and tracing cases and self-isolation via our app.


Keeping our service users happy has also been a top priority throughout the pandemic.

Cerys, a wonderful young service user of ours living with cerebral palsy, has been unable to attend school during lockdown. She has also been unable to attend any of her regular art classes or meet with her friends in the community.

Together with her Newcross team, she’s been getting creative, producing hand-crafted cards to deliver to shielding elderly individuals to combat loneliness. 

We’re about more than just clinical care - we believe in enablement. Our healthcare teams become true companions to people like Cerys.

“Our key values very much align with those of Newcross. Our core values are integrity, professionalism and person-centred care; Newcross exudes those principles. It’s so important to have a bespoke offering which is not just “off the peg” care planning or risk assessment.”

Registered Manager

Following their employment, we provide a wealth of clinical training, bespoke to the packages of care that they are assigned to. Our Care Associates, who act as the linchpin between all parties involved in a package of care, undergo an 18-month apprenticeship to achieve the Level 5 Assistant Practitioner qualification.

“With our apprenticeships, we’re teaching staff the actual skills they need - not just theory or generic training. All training is specific to the client-base at Newcross.

Rebecca Campbell, Head of Health and Clinical Innovation at Impact Futures

Our home care teams are nurse-led, with 24/7 support from our Clinical Governance team of specialist advisers. The clinical decisions we make are well-informed and our staff are supported to manage complex health conditions in a safe way.

“I use Newcross for my particularly complex cases of care because the staff are highly skilled, well trained and able to manage these conditions really well. I don’t have to get involved with the clinical side of things - this is all taken care of for me.

Case Manager client

All activity is recorded when we’re on shift, from medication administration to nutrition, within the PASSsystem. This system creates a ‘digital profile’ of an individual’s care plan, offering true transparency over treatment and outcomes. Minimal involvement is required from the case managers we work with, though they can check in at any point or use the PASSsystem to get an overview of the latest activity.

Our flexible approach, tailored to your needs



Our Care Associates are clinical experts. They offer a contingency for any instances of illness, holiday or pull-out and they are ready to provide care when required, with the skills to work on any care package. They also understand the needs and preferences of each service user, enabling them to allocate the most suitable staff to care packages.

We are very flexible, able to provide temporary staffing solutions for case managers with a CQC registration and their own designated healthcare team, to cover instances of sickness or holiday.

"My client didn't have the resources within her support team to handle sickness and unplanned leave. This created anxiety within the team as the client requires 24-hour care. Within a short time of meeting my client, Newcross Healthcare were able to allocate a team of staff who could work successfully alongside the existing team. As a case manager, it is reassuring to know Newcross Healthcare can support us with contingency planning.”

Case Manager client

Providing ongoing care that will exceed your expectations

image We understand that an individual’s needs change frequently. Thanks to our investment in the training resources, we are able to rapidly deliver additional training or source alternative staff members.

We are able to efficiently adapt our services to ensure the continuity of care.

Our healthcare staff build positive working relationships with service users and their families, gaining their trust with ease. They frequently ask for feedback, and we adapt our services accordingly, to exceed expectations.

“Newcross’ person-centred approach means that my clients trust the staff. A client of mine has received domiciliary care from another provider for over twenty years. Since Newcross was introduced on a part-time basis, he’s now keen to have more hours of care from them. Care from Newcross gives him the confidence and freedom to get out into the community, and now he even wants to go on holiday!”

Case Manager client

By choosing us, you are choosing to provide an individual with the best support to manage their condition safely and reach their full potential, delivered by advocates for people with complex needs.

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