Providing care at home for elderly people

Newcross Healthcare: Care at home for elderly people

As we get older, we may need a little bit of extra help and support. Exactly what support is needed will vary from one person to another. Newcross Healthcare provides care that’s focused on individual needs.

Through our nurse-led teams of healthcare staff, we are in a position to provide you or a family member support to help maintain independence and lead a fulfilling life. Our nurses, healthcare assistants, and support workers are all highly skilled and receive high-quality training focused on providing the best care.

Support from Newcross can help to keep people in their own home for longer.

The expertise and skills of our staff mean that the support we offer can extend to people with profound and complex healthcare needs. Our team are skilled in caring for those with dementia.

Asking for help with personal care needs can feel like a big step. We strive to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. Give us a call on 01803 867800 or contact us online to find out more about our service.

What does care and support for elderly people entail?

Our skilled health care staff are available with a variety of care and support tasks, depending on people’s needs. we can support with occasional visits for respite to 24-hour care packages. The level of care provided can be adjusted and enhanced as people’s needs change.

The ultimate aim is to help people remain independent while maintaining a fulfilling life. Care packages can include any or all of the following:

* Personal Care – Help with washing, dressing, and other day-to-day personal activities.

* Medication Support – Administering medication. Helping to remind people when they should take medication.

* Continence Care – Help access the toilet or care involving a catheter or stoma.

* Mobility Assistance – Supporting moving around the home and outside.

Respite and general support – providing breaks to carers and family to enable respite is also important, our staff are experienced in supporting with dementia symptoms.

The Newcross Difference

we are able to support a wide range of people who need care and support. Our bespoke packages are always tailored to the needs of each person and aredelivered by our caring professional staff.

All Newcross care provision is underpinned by our desire to provide the best support focused on individual needs. Our nurses and health care staff are carefully vetted to ensure that our experienced staff provide the best care.

We have over 60 local branches spread across the UK. Through a branch based close to where you live, we can deliver a bespoke support package. Our care packages are designed through a collaborative process with each individual and one of our Newcross lead nurses.

To ensure that we are delivering the best service possible we consistently review our care provision and discuss it with you as your progresses.

That’s the Newcross difference. It’s why in a recent survey nine out of ten of our staff said they’d recommended Newcross to care for their own loved ones. Whatever your individual needs, Newcross can offer the ideal elderly care. The first step is to get in touch. Your local branch can then reach out and arrange to discuss your needs with you. That way we can design the perfect elderly care package for you.

Our homecare/complex care services are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

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