Healthcare funding

Whether care is paid for privately or through public funding, Newcross can help. We’ll plan a high quality, personalised care package, tailored to the needs of the individual that will enrich and support their daily life.



Personal health budgets

If your local NHS authority says you need care services, you may qualify for funding as part of a personal health budget.

Personal health budgets were introduced in October 2014 for people who need ongoing health care. They aim to give people more control and choice over how they receive their care and who provides it.

Funding is granted to individuals to support their healthcare and well-being needs. They are arranged through local NHS teams and local authorities, who will plan and agree on the amount with the individual receiving it, or their representative.

How does it work?

A personal health budget is based on a care and support plan that identifies a person’s health and well-being goals.

This plan is developed jointly by the person who will receive the funding, and their local NHS or local authority team. The budget will be managed by a trust or third party organisation who will buy the appropriate care and support as agreed with the individual, or by the individual who can receive their funding directly.

More information

The best way to find out more about personal health budgets is to talk to your local NHS team. Your GP and/or care manager will be best situated to discuss your care needs.

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Whether care is publicly or privately funded, here at Newcross, we’ll be happy to talk to you about a package for yourself or your relative.

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