12 May 2017

Celebrating Our Nurses Today

Newcross would like to wish our nurses, and all the nurses across the UK a very happy International Nurse's Day!

Nurses make up an extremely important part of our fantastic healthcare team. From the very beginning ,and over the past 21 years Newcross has been led by owner and co-founder Michelle Gorringe, a nurse herself, who knows the vast contribution our nurses make to our service user's lives.

Bristol Complex Care Lead Nurse, Esther Portlock shares with us what being a nurse means to her. "It's really the only work I have ever been involved in for the past 29 years . For me it means working with a passion or not at all, making a difference to peoples lives, supporting people to live the life they choose in a person centred way and offering me  a wealth of opportunities.I have met some very  inspirational people along the way!   No other job can come close!"

Juliette Millard, the Head of Clinical Governance has been a nurse for a number of years and knows how rewarding nursing can be. "Being a nurse is about the ability to help people when they are vulnerable; not necessarily ill, but those who require support to live life in a meaningful way to them. Whilst I no longer have direct hands-on care, I take pride in using my nursing knowledge and skills to impact on the quality of care provided to wide numbers of people via our huge number of healthcare professionals, through influencing how we work, the standards we achieve and supporting people when things don't go to plan (ie primarily, exploring why something went wrong, supporting staff to learn how to prevent it happening again and changing processes). 

"Nursing is a very broad career and can be challenging but very very rewarding - nursing is not something I do when I go to work - I am a nurse in everything I do, it is who I am!"

"There is a quote on my wall at home which I feels perfectly sums up how I feel"

Nursing requirements to have:

  • the memory of an elephant
  • an angel's patience
  • hearing as vast as the sun
  • eyes in the back of your head
  • a nasal filter
  • arms like an octopus 
  • resistant legs
  • a 5-litre bladder
  • and an impenetrable immune system

Source: From allnurses.com

Today we are asking you to tell Newcross what it means to you to be a nurse? You can email us via communications@newcrosshealthcare.com.