Complex Care

complex careOutstanding care for those with profound healthcare needs

Supporting people with complex care needs can be a challenging experience, both in terms of physical demands on families and carers and the emotional impact. For the individual themselves, it’s important to be in a familiar environment where family life and social contact can continue. 

At Newcross Healthcare we recognise that every person has individual needs. Our nurses and care staff are specially selected and have the skills to provide holistic support to meet physical, emotional and mental health needs,  according to our principles of trust, empathy, and expertise.

Our staff understand the importance of honesty and reliability when it comes to providing individualised, personal care to people with complex care needs. Our skilled staff always take the time to consider individual needs and concerns to deliver care in a person-centred way. 

Our team of nurses and care staff are compassionate and dedicated. They know that every individual deserves an expert level of care. That’s why a recent survey showed that nine out of ten of our staff would recommend Newcross to care for their own loved ones.

Newcross complex care in the home can cater to the profound healthcare needs of people with a range of conditions. Specialisms  of our staff are diverse and varied, for example, spinal injuries, acquired brain injuries, dementia, learning disability, mental health, neurological and congenital conditions. 

With 17 complex care branches and over 60 establishment branches around the UK, we are able to deliver a consistent level of care wherever you live. Our friendly team is always happy to talk you through how our complex care could help you or a loved one. Contact us online and we’ll get back in touch within 24-hours. 

complex care

Complex Care

Complex care is the specialised care provided to individuals with profound health or social care needs. Those needs may be due to a wide range of reasons including needs resulting from a brain or spinal injury, from some neurological conditions or congenital conditions We also support with people with short term needs following a significant illness or an operation.

Health and social care professionals who deliver complex care must be highly skilled and experienced. They need to be proficient with a wide range of care skills and methods. These can include any of the following:

  • PEG Feeding – PEG stands for Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy. PEG feeding is when a tube is passed into the individual’s stomach via the abdominal wall. This provides a means of feeding when eating by mouth is not possible or isn’t sufficient. PEG feeding can be helpful in a number of circumstances, individuals need for a PEG would be identified by the medical team providing care and discussed with the individual. Many health conditions make it challenging for people to eat properly which could lead to malnutrition.

  • Tracheostomy Care – A tracheostomy is an opening (made by an incision) through the neck into the trachea (windpipe). It opens the airway to aid breathing. Tracheostomy can be a short-term solution or may be needed in some circumstance on a long-term basis. Caring for a person with a tracheostomy includes keeping the tube clean and clear and changing dressings around it.
  •  Stoma Care –   A stoma is an opening on the abdomen (tummy) which allows faeces or urine to be collected in a pouch (bag) on the outside of the body. Stoma care is the management of the stoma and the bag and can include managing physical issues and skin problems. Care an also include supporting with the emotional impact of having a stoma, for example,  depression or anxiety.

Newcross employ nurses and care staff who have experience in dealing with the issues mentioned above and many more besides. Such complex care services can be provided in the home.

Examples of Complex Care Needs

No two clients have identical care needs. That’s why Newcross care packages are bespoke to the individual needs of a client and their family. The care that is required and provided will be assessed and agreed with the individual and, where appropriate, their family, prior to care being delivered.

Our staff will always try to help clients to live as independent and fulfilled a life as possible. To that end they can take care of or provide help with the following:

Personal Care – Help using the toilet, getting up in the morning or getting washed and dressed.
Mobility Support – Aid moving around the house or going out. Teaching clients to use new mobility aids.

 Occasional Errands – Going to the pharmacy to collect a prescription. Supporting social activities like visiting the library or going shopping.
Hobbies & Holidays – Supporting accessible hobbies or going with clients to visit friends. We can also accompany clients and their families on trips away to support care needs.

When care in a residential establishment is not desired, our complex care service provides an ideal alternative. The services provided by our professional nurses and care staff supports people to retain their independence for as long as possible.

Our complex care services can cater to a range of complex needs, including:

  • Mental health issues
  • Learning disabilities
  • Home ventilation management
  • Head injury
  • Spinal injuries
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Hereditary issues
  • End of life care

Keep in mind that you or your loved one’s complex care needs may change suddenly, or change slowly over time. Our telephone support team are on hand to ensure that should any sudden change occur, the care package Newcross offers can quickly be altered. Moreover, the agreed complex care package will be reviewed periodically to ensure that the most appropriate care is being delivered in the best way possible to meet individual needs.

complex care

Arranging Complex Care

Deciding to arrange complex care is a major step. At Newcross we offer support to individuals and their loved ones every step of the way. Your local Newcross branch can help you arrange a visit from a complex care nurse. We’ll arrange that visit around your schedule, at a time most convenient for you and your family.

A friendly discussion with the Newcross Healthcare branch manager or complex care nurse is what starts us on the way to tailoring your individual complex care. That care will then be delivered by our highly trained and experienced staff. They’ll keep reviewing and assessing your care so that it can be tweaked as your needs develop.

Complex Care Support Packages from Newcross

Thanks to our skilled nurses and care staff we are able to support people with a wide range of complex care needs. We offer bespoke solutions delivered by our caring professional team of nurses and care staff. This support starts with an appointment arranged through your local Newcross Healthcare branch.

Our 60+  branches throughout the country receive good or outstanding ratings from the regulatory bodies. To find out how we can help support you in your time of need contact your local Newcross Branch directly. Our friendly staff are here to help support you.