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homecare`A Better Way to Deliver Care at Home

Home care offers vital support to people needing care and support. With support from a nurse or a carer, an individual can stay in their own home. That help allows them to keep their independence and avoid the upset of having to move into residential care.

At Newcross we’ve been striving to provide a better way of delivering care at home since our foundation in 1996. Our home care service, like all our other care provision, is always client-focused. The bespoke care that we provide is shared by the needs and concerns of each individual.

We provide trained registered nurses, and carers to provide home care. Our staff has extensive experience providing compassionate care. The home care nursing they provide is always based upon our three core principles of trust, empathy, and expertise.

Our professional nurses offer reliable and honest support at all times. We want all our clients to get the outstanding care they deserve. Our nurses will always strive to understand and empathise with each individual. That’s how we can serve their needs and wishes in the best way possible. 

Newcross promote the highest standards of professional skills. We employ registered nurses of all grades and across a wide variety of specialisms. The care we provide across the country is fully regulated and licensed.

To learn more about our home care get in touch with us today. Our friendly staff will be happy to chat with you. Or you can arrange your consultation with a clinical nurse assessor.       

What is Home Care?

Home care offers one-on-one care for individuals in their home. People may need care at home for a variety of different reasons. They include the elderly, disabled individuals or those suffering a serious illness. People recovering from an injury or operation may also need specialised care at home as can those living with a chronic disease. 

Newcross registered nurses work closely with our healthcare assistants and support workers. That allows us to provide tailored home care that’s bespoke to the needs of each client. Examples of what home care can entail are diverse and varied:

  • Help With Medication – Arranging medication schedules. Administering medication when required. Prompting clients to remember to take what’s needed.
  • Pain Management – Offering help managing chronic or acute pain. 
  • Wound Care – Cleaning and dressing wounds. Ensuring that infections and complications are avoided.
  • General Monitoring – Documenting symptoms and recording vital signs.
  • Assessing & Updating Care – Ensuring that the best care is always provided. Utilising their one-on-one time with the client and working with other healthcare professionals.
  • Personal Care – Assistance with bathing, washing and dressing.
  • Respite Care - Enabling carers and their families to have a break. 
  • Mobility Assistance – Supporting a client in moving around the house. Helping to get out and about. Recommending mobility aids and teaching the client to use them.
  • Household Help – Assisting with or taking on household chores. This can include tidying up, doing the laundry or helping care for pets.
  • Hobbies & Errands – Taking a client out to visit friends or attend events. Picking up prescriptions and running other errands.

That’s by no means an exhaustive list. Emotional and psychological support also plays a big part. Our compassionate care team never forget how important company and companionship is. It can make all the difference to a vulnerable individual's quality of life. 

The minimum visit length is 4 hours.

Home Care Options

At Newcross we’re devoted to delivering outstanding care. We want the support which we offer to allow our clients to live independent, fulfilled lives. That’s why we take a holistic approach to home care. We take each client’s personal desires and needs into account when tailoring a care plan.

Our home care includes more than practical medical support. Our experienced registered nurses are friendly and compassionate. Working with healthcare assistants and support workers, they deliver the outstanding care our clients deserve.

The minimum visit length is 4 hours.

home care

The Newcross Difference in Home Care 

At Newcross Healthcare we understand that no two individuals have exactly the same care requirements. Everyone has their own issues, needs, and desires when it comes to receiving care. That’s why we at Newcross focus on every individual client, every step of the way.

From the moment you decide to trust us with your home care nursing, we’ll work with you to offer a bespoke home care nursing package. A clinical nurse assessor can visit you to discuss the issues you face and understand the support you require. They’ll get to the bottom of what you need and want from your care. We can then work together to arrange the care package which is just right for you.

Our professional nurses and carers will work tirelessly to deliver that care. As mentioned previously our staff include registered nurses of all grades. Our home care nursing provides an alternative to residential admission for many clients. That includes clients dealing with any of the following types of issue:

  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Cardiac issues
  • Dementia and related symptoms
  • Epilepsy
  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental health issues, including personality disorders
  • Post-operative recovery and rehabilitation
  • Home Care Packages from Newcross

Thanks to our skilled nurses and carers we are able to support a wide range of clients who need home care nursing support. We offer bespoke solutions delivered by our caring professional staff. This support starts with an appointment arranged with one of your local friendly Newcross clinical nurse assessors.

We have over 60 branches throughout the country. As an organisation, we’re licensed and regulated in England by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In Scotland, our branches are registered with the Care Inspectorate. For live-in care support in Wales, we’re regulated by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW).

Our branches receive good or outstanding ratings from the regulatory bodies. To find out how we can help support you in your time of need contact your local Newcross Branch directly online and your local Newcross Healthcare branch will reach out to you. Our friendly staff is here to help.

They can help arrange a visit from a clinical nurse assessor. That can be scheduled for whenever is most convenient for you or your loved one. The visit will be about discussing your needs and desires for care. The assessor will then suggest solutions and help to build a tailored care plan with you and your relatives. Follow this link to find your local branch.