12 May 2017

Clinical Excellence Becomes Clinical Governance

It’s all change ahead for Newcross Healthcare as Clinical Excellence has been renamed to Clinical Governance. In this article, we find out what Clinical Governance is and why the name change.

What is Clinical Governance? 

Simply put; Clinical Governance is a system used by managing bodies, healthcare organisations, managers, clinicians and staff to share responsibility and accountability for the quality of care. Its aim is to continuously improve standards, minimise risks and foster an environment of excellence in care for consumers, patients and residents.

Why the change in name?

The decision to change the name from excellence to governance was made for several reasons, but one of the prime reasons is that the term Governance is widely recognised by commissioners, the National Health Service (NHS) and the vast majority of care homes and facilities in the UK. The name change means that Newcross staff are more likely to recognise the term and reduce any potential confusion.

An Expanding Team

As well as the name change we will be expanding the Clinical Governance team to include a small central clinical support team (CCS) of nurse advisors.  This team will be located at our Bristol office and is part of the wider Clinical Governance team, which includes lead nurses (Lin and Alex), quality managers (Sue and the newly appointed Hazel), administrator (Robyn) and Head of function (Juliette).  The CCS team work alongside and support the central support service which operates 24 hours a day.

Our aim is to improve standards and increase support for our branch managers and staff, workers and clients. By expanding the team, we can provide support over a longer period and ensure we maintain our high standards of care.

The main objective of the Clinical Governance team is to oversee the quality of operational and clinical services, auditing and health and safety.

A warm welcome to Hazel who has joined the Clinical Governance team.

Clinical Governance is at the heart of what we do

Clinical Governance ensures that Newcross continues to achieve the high standards we expect as well as providing confidence to our carers that we will help them deliver high-quality care to our clients. Clinical Governance underpins everything we do at Newcross, from supporting our nursing staff with their NMC revalidation and supporting staff with concerns on shift, to carrying out quality assurance.