13 March 2020

Newcross expands learning platform to provide vital coronavirus training

Coronavirus banner

We are equipping our entire workforce with the highest standards of specialist training to keep our teams, clients and service users safe during this outbreak of coronavirus.

Thanks to our investment in the digitalisation of our processes and partnership with Docebo, a leading AI-Powered learning platform, we have been able to react quickly. We understood that a considered and prompt response was required to combat the increasing threat the virus poses to frontline healthcare staff and the people in our care.

All members of Newcross office and healthcare staff, over 9,000 people, will have access to a suite of training materials to ensure they are all aware of virus protection and control measures. COVID-19-specific materials will include guidance on what the virus is, how it spreads and what specific control measures should be in place to mitigate the risks of its spread. Scenario-based advice, specific to the environments in which we work, such as care homes, prisons and schools, will also be available to prepare frontline staff in the best possible way.

An option module will be available to healthcare staff, providing more specialist training in oxygen therapy, basic observations, taking nasal and throat swabs and donning and doffing personal protective equipment.

Mark Story, Head of Learning Innovation says:

"Our staff play a critical role in the UK's health and social care system and may be called upon to treat patients with coronavirus. We have a responsibility to our staff to ensure that we provide the up-to-date training and support they need to keep safe and provide an excellent standard of care to service users. Using digital learning tools like Docebo has given us the ability to deliver training to those who need it most, quickly, in a flexible way and with full traceability."

Thank you to the team at Docebo for their hard work and invaluable partnership at this time.

If you’re a current employee, and want to find out more about the training available to you please look out for updates and links to the training via your HealthForceGo® app.

If you’re a healthcare provider wanting to know more about our services and staffing solution, please email hello@newcrosshealthcare.com.