15 June 2017

"To deliver outstanding care, you need outstanding management teams"

Name: Patricia (Trisha) Easton

Age: 47

Branch: Kirkcaldy

Current Role: Business Centre Manager

Previous Occupation: Newcross Healthcare Assistant

We talk with Patricia Easton, once Newcross carer, now BCM for Kirkcaldy branch, who led the Kirkcaldy branch to win Newcross Team of the Year at our recent 21st celebration. 

Trisha, what drives you to work in the healthcare sector?

“I have always been a people person and knew that I wanted to work in the care sector I just wasn't sure what area I wanted to work in. I started as a carer in a local hospital, then moved in to caring for people in their own homes, then became a care manager before moving to Newcross as a HCA. I just love being a carer.”

What does your current role as BCM entail?

“My current role involves lots of engagement with residents, service users, clients and staff which I really enjoy. I have overall responsibility for the branch, all staff and clients. Some of the roles I carry out daily and weekly are meeting with new and existing clients, interviewing and selecting new staff, delegating, supervising, managing SSSC and CI requirements and ensuring that we best meet the needs of the service users, residents and clients.”

What is your favourite part of the day?

The start of the day is my favourite part of the day, looking at my diary seeing what I have planned, will I be interviewing for new staff or meeting new service users and clients. I enjoy everything about my job.

What’s your least favourite part of the day?

The end of the day is my least favourite part of the day, especially if I am running behind on my workload. 

Can you pinpoint your most proud moment working in the Care sector?

I have lots of proud moments but there are 2 that I love to tell people about.

The first is in regards to a lady I worked with for 12 years whilst she lived in a long stay hospital and then for many years when she moved in to her own home. Supporting and seeing her transition from being so institutionalised and stuck in a routine to someone who took control of her life, made her own decisions and choices whilst absolutely enjoying every second of her new life was amazing and so fulfilling for the both of us.

The other proud moment is in relation to my time as an SVQ Assessor. I am known as bit of an SVQ geek and love to support and encourage others to gain the qualification that recognises their excellent work as carers. I had one candidate who was in her early sixties, she had left school without any qualifications to care for her Mum and had been a dedicated carer all of her working life. She was terrified of doing her SVQ but worked so hard, engaged with everyone involved and achieved her award. What makes me most proud was that she gained such confidence by achieving her qualification that she started to represent the company, encouraging and supporting others in a similar position.

Why did you choose to work with Newcross?

I knew of Newcross through my previous care post as a service manager, I decided to take a year out from being a care manager to care for my elderly mum who has Dementia. I needed to work flexible hours around her needs. My first choice was to return to direct care work (which I love) with Newcross as I knew I could work when I wanted to, with a company which had an excellent reputation locally and nationally whilst enjoying all the benefits of being permanently employed.

Tell us about your decision to switch from working in the field to working in the office environment?

I have worked in the care sector for 31 years, 12 in a local hospital, 17 in supported living services and 2 with Newcross. For the last 17 years I have worked in a care management position including being a SVQ Assessor.

 I was given the opportunity many years ago as a carer to do an SVQ 3 which started my development and made me realise that to deliver outstanding care, you need outstanding management teams.

After a year of working with Newcross as a HCA, my mum's health was stable and the opportunity to become the BCM for Kirkcaldy arose and I grabbed it with both hands. I felt that I could bring my experience of being an HCA with Newcross (knowing most of the staff and clients) as well as my previous care and management experience to the post to continue to develop the branch and ensure that we are delivering quality, compassionate care.

Motivation is key, what keeps you inspired to be the best you can be?

Delivering and supporting others to deliver high level, quality care. I go home at night very happy knowing that the Kirkcaldy team and I provide the best care and support we can to the most vulnerable people in our area.  I am also really motivated by staff development and supporting people to reach their potential, I have been given a lot of opportunities to develop my care career and love to support and enable others to do the same.

Who do you look up to?

Not really one person in particular; I look up to people I know who put others first, who challenge and question poor practice, who support and recognise everyone’s differences and ensure that they do all they can to be the best carer they can be.