02 March 2009

Digital Pen means super-efficiency!

A unique digital pen system is helping to make Newcross Healthcare Homecare nurses the most efficient around.

Our Homecare nurses simply write as they normally on the ‘digital’ paper, then the system converts pen movements into information. The pen can even send data via a mobile phone using Bluetooth.

The clever pens have all sorts of uses. Staff write notes for each shift they cover and the notes are left at the client’s for other staff to refer to. They can flag that the client needs an assessment, so the branch manager automatically receives an email.

Newcross Healthcare staff can sign their timesheets when they start and finish their shifts. The times for each shift can be checked against the expected times and correct timesheets can be processed automatically.

Using the clever pens means:

  • Client notes can be available on the extranet almost instantly if necessary.
  • Client assessments can be arranged quickly and efficiently.
  • Timesheets can be processed and staff paid quickly.
  • The notes on the pen are secure and can’t be read without access to a file that defines the paper.