02 August 2010

Earn more ££££!

Good news! Newcross is implementing a pay incentive from 9th August 2010

EARN 2% MORE ON YOUR SHIFTS!  Simply print off your timesheets from the Extranet to earn extra each week on your payslip.  For further details, on this link: Frequently Asked Questions Or speak to your local branch.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get my 2% pay increase?
Before you go to your shift, log onto the Extranet and print off your timesheet. You do this by going to your Diary, clicking on Timesheets and then selecting the booking number. This will bring up the timesheet ready for printing. The timesheet will have a barcode on it that will recognise that you are to be paid 2% more for that shift. PRINT TWO COPIES SO THAT THE CLIENT CAN KEEP A COPY.

What shifts will this apply to?
Any shift you work with Newcross from 9th August 2010 where you have printed your timesheet from the Extranet. Homecare shifts are not included in this incentive.

Does this not penalise staff who don't have a computer or printer?
1. Newcross is committed to reducing its Carbon footprint and encourages processes that help in achieving this. We want to reward staff who use the Extranet and reduce our carbon footprint.
2. In addition, by using the Extranet, our administrative costs will be reduced and we want share this reduction in costs with our employees.

2% doesn't seem like a big payrise, why isn't it any more than this?
In this economic environment there is a significant focus on costs by our clients. We have kept our charge rates competitive to ensure we have the shifts to offer to you. We constantly review our pay rates to ensure we are competitive in the market and that our employees are rewarded for the excellent work they perform for Newcross.

I work Homecare shifts for Newcross. How will this affect me?
Please speak to your local Homecare team for information on Homecare pay rate changes.