30 March 2015

eHealth vital in the future of personalised care

Technology is playing an ever greater role in our daily lives and is now widely recognised as offering huge potential to the healthcare sector in the delivery of personalised care.

The growing use of eHealth, a catch all term, which also covers telehealth and telecare, has the capability of facilitating a personalised care experience for patients while offering faster diagnoses and reducing costs.  Research by Leeds Council suggested that telecare had a positive impact on reducing admissions to care homes and hospitals and could save over £2300 a year once installed.

Another application of eHealth may be in the remote daily monitoring of blood-sugar levels for patients with diabetes. One study in the USA found that fewer deaths and overall longer survival rates than a comparable control group.

Technology has the power to fundamentally change the way in which healthcare is delivered, particularly in the care of long-term conditions. Undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages for patients is being able to stay in their own homes, with the confidence that they are monitored and can access help whenever they need it. One nurse-led case management telecare programme lead to a 47.5% lower hospitalisation rate plus greater patient satisfaction than those receiving the usual care.

Improving lives with Newcross technology

At Newcross Healthcare we pride ourselves on embracing cutting edge technology that enhances our ability to deliver high-quality care. We have developed a number of revolutionary technologies that speed up our ability to deliver a personalised approach to care while enabling us to work more efficiently and safely.  One such advance is our mobile app that allows Clinical Nurse Assessors to undertake assessments and produce completely personalised, ready-to-use care plans in just one appointment.

Another technology we use are Digital Pens. The pen features a small lens built into the barrel and that captures every stroke of handwriting as notes are written on ‘digital paper.’  The notes are then uploaded to each individual account and are available to view within 24 hours of the notes being written.

Our Client Extranet is another e-development that uses advantages in technology to place users firmly in control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  From this area clients can have instant access from anywhere in the world, to manage care for themselves or others.  It is also here that users can download staff profiles and read their care notes. 

Clients can be assured of our digital security with all data from digital pens encrypted and stored securely, and only relevant team members and clients with access. The achievement of the ISO27001 standard for information security demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our use of existing systems and the integration of new technologies meets an internationally recognised standard.

You can find more articles like this in the latest issue of the Newcross Journal. Contact your local branch to get your copy and find out how Newcross technology could be the solution you need.