End of Life Care

Clinical Course
3 hours
£30.00 or 3000 Newcross training credits

This course is designed for staff working within caring roles for those who have a life-limiting illness. This course will give the healthcare worker an understanding of palliative care which will enable them to deliver care whilst providing dignity, comfort and empathy and to have an understanding of managing symptoms. The practical aspects of death including recognising end of life signs, recognising when someone has passed away and supporting the family and colleagues.

This course can be used (as knowledge evidence only) towards QCF/NVQ Diploma Units 332, support individuals at the end of life 658 and understand how to provide support working with EOL care.

Course content:

  • Understand the key principles of palliative care and end of life care
  • Understand good practice within the process of advanced care planning
  • Understand the purpose of holistic assessment in end of life care to identify symptoms
  • Understand how to manage symptoms in end of life
  • Understand the principles of good communication in end of life care
  • Understand the importance of family support and dealing with own feelings