When an apprentice nears the end of their training, their employer will decide whether or not the apprentice is ready to take an end-point assessment or ‘EPA’. This decision process or stage is known as the ‘gateway’.

What is the EPA?

The end-point assessment is a holistic assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined and learned throughout the apprenticeship programme. It takes place when an apprentice finishes their apprenticeship with an employer.

Things to remember…

  • Without passing the end-point assessment, an apprentice can’t complete and achieve their apprenticeship.
  • The end-point assessment can only be delivered by a registered assessment organisation, in order to maintain impartiality.
  • The EPA organisation must be approved on the ESFA register of apprenticeship assessment organisations.
  • EPA is separate to any qualifications or other assessment an apprentice may undertake during training.

What does this mean for Newcross? 

Newcross is the first care provider to be approved by the ESFA to deliver EPA’s for Lead Adult Care Worker and Adult Care Worker standards.

As a registered end point assessment organisation, Newcross Healthcare will be delivering assessments nationwide very soon…

To find out more, please contact the EPA team:

Email: epa@newcrosshealthcare.com

Phone: 023 8248 0125