01 February 2013

Even snow can't stop our staff delivering care

While many parts of the UK were covered in snow and ice for over a week and with travel conditions becoming increasingly treacherous, our nurses, healthcare assistants and homecarers knew that whatever the weather, clients needed them to arrive safely and deliver the vital care required.


In Southampton, Registered Nurse Rodgers Lupikisha was on his way to a 12 hour shift at a nursing home when traffic tailbacks caused his car to break down. Rather than let the client down he decided to walk the 5 mile journey in below freezing conditions. The client was so grateful that having completed the morning drug round, Rodgers could return to his car and arrange for a recovery vehicle.

In Taunton, HCA Jolanta Grzomba set off 4 hours early to travel 32 miles to an NHS client in order to avoid getting stuck in the heavy snow falling at the time. Jolanta arrived 2 hours early and immediately started work to avoid any impact on the unit from other staff members not being able to make it. She has since been highly commended for her commitment and forward planning.

In Perth, Registered Nurse Claire Bowtle's car broke down as she was travelling to a local care home in the heavy snow. Rather than pull out of her shift and disrupt the client, she instead arranged to be towed to the care home before working the entirety of her shift and being towed home the following morning. Her commitment and dedication to Newcross has since been recognised by her manager as well as senior staff.


Our employees regularly go above and beyond their required duties to ensure clients receive the very best possible care, and this has been particularly apparent in these difficult conditions.