28 January 2013

Great ideas cooked up at River Cottage

The 100 club is selected every year from the very top performing staff members, in both the branch and head office teams. They meet to bring different perspectives from across the UK and to share suggestions for the future direction of the business.

Brainstorming ideas and collectively looking to the future is at the very heart of the Newcross ethos, and part of the privilege of being a member of the 100 club is having a tangible input into that future. Falkirk Business Centre Manager, Owen Edwards, said "Lots of excellent ideas were created by everyone at the business meeting in the morning and it was great to see everyone getting involved in what we can do better."

100 club 2012 - 1

The 100 club share their ideas

A key part of the 100 club experience is to meet colleagues from across the business and to form new working relationships. Lyme Regis beach provided the setting for the very beginning of the day, and with such beautiful weather, it was the perfect opportunity to stroll along the beach take in the stunning scenery.

100 club 2012 - 4

Lyme Regis beach, Dorset

Building team relationships is essential to the continued success and growth of our business, and this year the 100 club were invited to take part in several cookery challenges at River Cottage in Devon. The team got involved in making their own bread, jointing and de-boning a duck as well as creating their own hand-made sausages.



Tracy O'Kennedy, HR Director and Nicky Clarke, HR Officer each tackling a string of sausages

Newcross is a business built on its people, and by ensuring team relationships and communication are strong, we are able offer the very best quality of service to our clients.

CEO Stephen Pattrick said, "Our business thrives on innovation and it's only by constantly evolving that we can maintain our high standards and market-leading position. The feedback and suggestions from our top performing staff members is crucial to this process."

100 club 2012 - 3

The 100 club together