08 October 2020

New employee regonition scheme launched: Just a Little Thank You

New employee regonition scheme: Just a Little Thank You

At Newcross, we like to ensure that every member of our office and healthcare workforces feel valued for their fantastic work. Our new ‘Just a little Thank You’ scheme, open to healthcare and office staff, offers instant monetary awards to staff who demonstrate outstanding behaviour that delivers impact related to our business goals and values. 

What boosts my chances of receiving a Just a Little Thank You award?

All nominees will have been put forward because their hard work links to a Newcross value and has had a tangible business impact, such as an improved client relationship. The awards are also relevant to the recipients’ roles and responsibilities. Essentially, if you’re going above and beyond in your role, you will be in with a chance of receiving an award.

We have identified core values that we believe every member of Newcross staff should exhibit. Here’s a quick reminder of what they are:

  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Inventive
  • Conscientious
  • Knowledgeable
  • Flexible
  • Listening 
  • Passionate.

Shining a light on our recent award recipients

So far, over £3000 has been awarded to high-performing members of staff through the Just a Little Thank You Scheme. Could you be next?

Delroy Graham, HCA, Staffordshire

Delroy was praised by a regular client for his ability to build great relationships. This has helped him forge bonds with residents, allowing him to support them with personal care and grooming, particularly with individuals that have refused other staff members. The client was so impressed that they wrote to the Staffordshire branch directly. His truly exceptional standards of care are what Newcross is all about.

I've just bought a microwave with my WOWPoints. Thanks, Newcross.


David McLelland - HCA, North East

David has been recognised for picking up shifts last minute and going out of his way to support his clients in their time of need. Following this, David secured six additional shifts because the care home management and residents were so fond of him.

I feel appreciated for my hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to my commendation through JALTY. I’ve received great support from the North East branch throughout. I have not long moved from Scotland to England so I’ll be using my WOWPoints to help me get my new house together.

Kitty Reeves-Short -  Junior Content Producer, Marketing

Kitty was nominated for completing all of her myPerformance objectives, the fantastic creative marketing materials she has created and for her rapid professional development in her short time at Newcross.

Working for Newcross during COVID-19 has been a great learning experience. I was still relatively new when we went into lockdown, but thanks to my supportive team, I’ve been able to continue progressing and learning new skills.

I was saving my WOWPoints, then last week I treated myself to new kitchen equipment as I’ve recently moved out into my own flat.

Lisa Dobson - Business Centre Manager, Hull

Lisa has been rewarded for her fantastic ability to fully understand the needs of her prospect clients in order to show them how Newcross can support. This has led to substantial business growth in her area.

It feels great to be appreciated for the hard work I’ve put in to support my clients through these challenging times. We all have one goal and that's to make Newcross a success.

My husband has been nagging for a new television so will be putting my WOWPoints towards that!


Check out our dedicated guide on WOWPoints, covering how to redeem and spend them. Why not log in to your Perks at Work account to see if you have any points waiting for you right now?

Thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication at this time. Keep checking your email inboxes to see if you’ve been nominated!