03 October 2016

Healthcare Heroes. What makes a hero?

Heroes don’t always have flowing capes or wear tight spandex costumes. In reality, heroes are the people on the street who are just trying to do the right thing. Real heroes are those who are determined to fight for a better world, no matter the cost.

A real hero is selfless and willing to put the lives of others ahead of their own. A real hero is a leader and a role model to those around them, staying calm and strong in the face of danger.

If anyone embodies what it means to be a “Hero”, it would be Dr Kate Granger.

Dr Kate Grange #hellomynameis

When faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis from a doctor that did not introduce himself or even look her in the eye, Dr Granger set out to change the system that failed her. She started the ‘#HelloMyNameIs’ campaign with the aim of encouraging more compassionate patient care. The campaign is based on the simple premise of reminding staff to go back to basics and introduce themselves to patients properly, which Dr Granger described as “the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care”.

Introductions are about making a human connection between one human being who is suffering and vulnerable, and another human being who wishes to help. They begin therapeutic relationships and can instantly build trust in difficult circumstances.

The campaign went on to win the backing of more than 400,000 doctors, nurses, therapists and porters across 90 NHS organisations while also helping raise over £250,000 for Kate’s local cancer charity.

As well as her charity works, Dr. Granger served as a huge inspiration to many when she started writing about the illness that would eventually claim her life. Dr Kate Granger passed away, surrounded by her loved ones on July 23rd, aged 34.

On her passing, her husband said "Her legacy will remain for many, many, many years to come and we have many ambassadors across the globe that will make sure the name Kate Granger and '#HelloMyNameIs' will always be remembered”.


This story was originally published in the Autumn 2016 Edition of Newcross News

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