Newcross Healthcare: HealthForceGo for clients

Our app for clients

Find healthcare workers to fit your needs

Our innovative client app has already been launched in some areas and we're continuing to roll this out across Britain.

Easily and in one place, you can find the best qualified and experienced healthcare workers to fit your temporary staffing needs from our community of 20,000 healthcare professionals.

We have always led the way in recruiting and retaining healthcare workers, and in making it easy for our clients to make bookings. This powerful new tool web-based app will enhance that, helping our clients find the support they need at the touch of a button. We would love you to join us on this digital journey.

Client app benefits

Our app enables you to make instant healthcare staff bookings with access to our community of highly-skilled carers and nurses; bringing clients and healthcare workers together.

  • Cover shifts with a touch of a button

  • See multiple bookings immediately filled using our AutoAssign function

  • Tailor bookings to meet your specific needs

  • Manually verify your bookings and overview them before confirming

  • Add and remove users, and manage their permission levels

  • Add purchase orders to bookings to keep on top of your invoicing

  • Rebook staff directly for continuity

  • Comprehensive staff profiles for full transparency

  • Keep on top of staff scheduling

We also have these new features coming soon:

  • Timesheet validation - approve timesheet exceptions

  • Staff directory - the ability to browse staff profiles and add them to your favourites

  • Quotes and invoice payments

  • Live chat help and support

  • Purchase order reminders

If you're a current Newcross client, please speak to your local team to find out when the client app will be rolled out in your area. In the meantime, you can continue to use the Client Portal on myNewcross.

If you don't currently work with us but are looking for help with your temporary staffing needs, please contact our dedicated team on and they'll be happy to help.

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