11 December 2018

Bath and Hamilton crowned joint 1st place in our Christmas tree competition

Yesterday, we announced the winners of our 2018 Christmas tree competition on the brand new Newcross Healthcare Instagram. 

This year, to help you get into the festive spirit, we set a Christmas Tree Challenge for all our branches and departments.

The challenge was for all branches to decorate their branch Christmas trees by Friday 7th December and send a picture of it with the team alongside it to communications. Hundreds of photographs poured in, every team getting into the Christmas spirit. 

Our panel of esteemed judges (Managing Director, Michelle Gorringe and Employee Experience Director, Tracy O'Kennedy), crowned Hamilton branch and Bath branch as joint winners! 

Hamilton wowed with an impressive sleigh creation with a real husky at its forefront and Bath mastered the cheesy family Christmas card. 




If you want to see who landed second place and who were "highly commended", you'll need to sign up and follow us on Instagram! 

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