19 September 2018

Canterbury Branch duo, Jo Gunner and Holly Covus tell us why they love Newcross

Canterbury team Newcross

Have you ever wondered what other Newcross branches get up to? Our Canterbury Social Media Champion and HCC, Holly Covus, and Branch Manager, Jo Gunner, got together to tell us more about their branch and why they love the work they do... 

What makes Canterbury branch so special?

Jo: "Canterbury are a great team to work with and have a shared vision of making a difference to healthcare in care homes."

Holly: "I feel what makes the Canterbury branch special is the relationships we have built. We are always getting positive feedback from clients with regards to our staff’s work ethic and how they present Newcross.

We always try and make the branch a good environment for our staff to come and see if whether it be for a chat, help them with the app, discuss new training and development we have coming up and charity events we are organising. We always like to make it feel like a homely environment with tea, coffee and biscuits and keep it as relaxed as possible."

What made you come and work for Newcross?

Jo: "I joined because I thought I could help make a difference to the standard of care that service users can expect to receive in a care, residential and/or nursing home setting."

Holly: "I wanted to come and work for Newcross because I believed what the company values are, how they go above and beyond to provide top quality care for service users. I also loved the training programs offered by the company being able to progress with the business and grow with it as well. The people of Newcross have made it special for me everyone is really friendly and always on hand to help if you get stuck in certain tasks and I really feel the team spirit."

Can you think of any specific occasions when you or the team have gone above and beyond? 

Jo: "Yes, to help achieve more hours and get more cover in homes, we have gone the extra mile in picking up staff and taking them to the shifts or collecting them from shifts and dropping them back home."

Holly: "We always try and go the extra mile for our clients trying to fill last minute shifts and Jo is always offering to give staff lifts to shifts if they feel it would be a struggle via public transport. If clients have needed staff to stay on that extra hour or so we have been able to make that happen and had some very happy clients."

Thanks to Jo and Holly! 

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